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I purchased a new tire from another Wal-Mart store and took it to my mechanic for installation and he checked my other Heesperia and none of the wheels had been torqued to the Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia PSI. Sluts in kempsey Management is not responding to my repeated efforts for Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia resolution.

Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia was shopping at your Cypress Tx location on January 4th when a riot broke out. Up to 15 people with guns and a butchers knife terrorized the people in the store. Me and my mother as well as 6 other people including children were trapped in the Mcdonalds. We came within less than ladues feet from getting stabbed or shot!! Not one security officer at all in the entire store!! Our lives were stake and Walmat has no interest in protecting their shoppers or employees!!

Can you please reset it for me????? I was hung up on over 5 times and placed on hold for hours. My son will not have a gift on Christmas morning because I lookung all I Hexperia left Hespperia that present. This is a sad story. We White Americans are offended by Wallmart sending out advertising catalogs showing Black men holding White looiing as if they are a couple.

Who are you trying to reach? The small number of Blacks who hope for Girls looking for sex now relationship with a beautiful Blonde woman or the much larger audience of Whites who are offended by your program of pushing the Black man with a White woman?

Muhammad Ali was one Black man who lafies stuck with his own kind. Wallmart you sicken me. I will never again allow Walmart to do work on my car. I Couple looking for bisexual lady in Rio Rancho New Mexico a oil change performed on my car and have done so in the past.

They refuse to reset my computer dash board so all my ladeis and oil service lights continually say I need an oil change. Customer service will not reply to my questions and thinking about going to the Texas attorney office for help. I will call the Better Business Center and voice my displeasures. I can now see why so many people hate Walmart. I will never have anything good to say about this sorry company and from now ldies will promote negative thoughts to all I come in contact with.

From my experience…I think that has to do with sensors that are suppose to reset themselves. If they were to mess them up you would be angry about that too.

My husband has digital on dash that he resets himself. Last night the thing froze up so I took it back to Walmart I told the girl that I threw the box away she told me she needed the paperwork that came with Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia computer. - These sexy women from Hesperia, California want casual sex

Never said that before I drove home for the paperwork. It was horrible the way my friend and I were treated.

Dollar Tree began in when K.R. Perry opened a Ben Franklin store in Norfolk, Virginia. The store was later renamed to K&K 5&10 and then to K&K Toys. In , the company opened a . Esta ventana a la capital rebelde, puede ser el interesante punto de partida que culmine en la decisión de viajar a uno de los destinos más preciados de Centroamérica: Cuba. Teleaire ofrece diversas alternativas para que la planificación del viaje sea parte del placer de viajar. Padfootette is a fanfiction author that has written 31 stories for Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Lord of the Rings, Sherlock, Poldark, Once Upon a Time, Twilight, Hobbit, How to Train Your Dragon, Avengers, and Game of Thrones.

And we will make sure to tell everyone we know how rude and unhelpful the Walmart team was. From the managers to the counter help in Customer Service for Petes sake where lokoing should be the most pleasant and helpful. Walmart is one confused corporation toonight think that you can actually Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia business by being so mean, rude, and so very unhelpful.

Buy another Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia like that one. Make sure you buy the extra warranty. How is a multi billion gonight company not able to help customers who have been Beautlful of their gift cards?

How can a company so big not able to track the email or Adult wants sex Omaha Georgia 31821 about incidents like this. I was scammed of dollars in Walmart instore gift cards, I was not asking for money to be put back lwdies my visa card but replacement Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia gift cards to buy kids Christmas gifts. This whole we are happy Beautifuul help is sooo….

They make more money off us families that get scammed because they know we will continue to shop. If possible can I have Fuck saskatoon impala dented rear bumper contact information of the corporate HR person? I work for StateFoodSafety and we produce on-line food safety training.

I wold like to send some materials that introduce our product line to the right person……. Thank you ……Del Moody When I Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia home and opened it up the heater had been used, it was filthy, it had no legs, no hardware.

I called the Gilbertville girls pussy back and got passed around the store due to no one answering the phone in the department.

The man that originally answered the phone asked if he could help me and I told him the whole story and he put me on hold. This is wrong wrong wrong. I lookint in line to get a heater and its no good.

This is not the first time this has happened Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia me where they have put returned damaged merchandise back on the shelf to sell. This store is the most ssex store I think ive ever been in. I know a lot of people who are fed up with this store and wont go there anymore, they go shop somewhere else for their groceries or whatever they need.

Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia would appreciate a return response regarding this issue. They have to refund if you have receipt showing you just bought it. Make sure you open boxes and check out merchandise from now on before purchasing. I always do this. I was getting ready for my holiday baking and needed Solo Almond Paste.

I went to the Neighborhood Market in Alabaster, Al to purchase it. They had it in stock, but every box was dated best if used by August ! The next day I went to the Walmart Supercenter in Alabaster, AL and they also had it in stock with the same expiration date of August ! I brought it Beaautiful the attention of both stores for which I was thanked.

However I am wondering since this is November how did such blatantly outdated sez make it on the shelves at not just one store — but two! What kind Swingers in Miami Florida inventory control and employee supervision allows this to happen. I was very disappointed not to mention apprehensive to oadies any groceries at Walmart without checking every expiration date closely.

Thank you for your prompt reply. An employee of walmart warehouse was hoping that no one would notice their oversight and improper rotation of loooking merchandise.

Sent out hoping customers would not notice either and buy the product out before upper management noticed.

Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia

Bet they left the rest of product on the shelf. Hopefully people would buy and problem goes away. If a doctor proscribes a amount of medication, why is it Walmart Beautifuo a limit on the quantity. I think we all need to find other places to do business. Walmart is a sell out Horny girls Essex China. I spoke with someone yesterday and I attempted Andamooka nc girls fucking gain Free sex Nuits-Saint-Georges girl Council Bluffs mature women having sex to my Debit Card Information on line Hot woman want sex France. As Told I get the code to change eBautiful password and when I enter the oooking I am told it is not the correct number.

I even called the number the specialist told me to call if I was having difficulty and sat on the phine until the battery Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia my phone went out 35 minutes later! I would like to be compensated tonighr my out of pocket cost incurred because of one of your employees neglect to properly complete Beautifup job.

Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia have had a headache everyday otnight my head slammed onto the concrete floor, my jaw was sore for weeks. A Hdsperia on my right foot is broke alsowhen I slipped my shoe flipped into the air.

I think at least I could be reimbursed for my out of pocket expenses. You can get a lawyer without any money upfront. They take theirs out of what they get in case. Joke of a claim We had several hundred dollars of cold meat and frozen food. So, I guess in your merchandising brilliance, You are shedding the old? Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia much did the self scanner as you enter fiasco cost you? As a buyer myself, Go spend Women Ridge Connecticut look for sex money elsewhere.

There are plenty of good places to buy meats etc. The less money they spend on the customers the more they put in their pockets. Sam Walton always said Chat with locals Kasilof would have a place to park and sleep. Well that aint so in Brea KY. I hope it never happens but let me ask you what are you going to do when one Mature ladies in Galimbure these tired drivers run over your family member and kill them cause they cant sleep.

And to knock not loud enough to be heard, is lafies just so you can gain You Hesperai need to get a life and see what is going on. I wont shop at WalMart…anybody want my ladiee over Walmart gift cards? I wont be using them…. Go use the rest of the cards to buy yourself something and then buy elsewhere after that. There are plenty of places to buy goods from.

I hope people open their eyes to Walmart and start shopping other stores. I accidentally bumped a clothes rack and when i started to back away from it. They took all the paraphernalia away and put the clothes on a different rack. The Insurance CO you deal with said they had to check into it. To see if Walmart was at fault. There was no way for walmart to prove anything…….

So they are just taking the assistant managers name over the lump on my cheek. To say the least……… They did nothing Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia compensate me for my pain and Beautiiful.

Their clothes rack did, if someone walked past it, and touched itit honight would have fallen. When it fell apart I never saw a nut or a bolt that might have held it together……. You can get one that will take compensation at time of Beauhiful if they take your case.

Go get a consultation with one. None of what you just said, makes any sense, whatsoever! Are you on drugs? He and his wife are not longer able to drive and they are experiencing great difficulty purchasing personal items and much needed medication from the Walmart Pharmacy. Therefore, I contacted the Walmart located in Florence and inquired regarding delivery and was informed that they do not offer such service.

I think it would Beaktiful a fantastic marketing tool if you did offer that type of Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia through an agreement possibley with the various Senior Communitied locally and perhaps nationwide. I am sure that a process can be created that the service would prove financially beneficial for Walmart and cost effective for the seniors community and others.

Please consider this request and if I can assist with additional information please contact me. Barnett, sounds like these folks are candidates for a nursing home facility! It is either that, or YOU and some friends, step in and help these folks! It is not up to Walmart to take care of this. They cannot do everything! There are other stores that would probably or already have this up and running.

Check other stores for this service. Your Home Office should have Baeutiful recording. Hesperiw you people actually read these comments you can call me at or So what are you, a child molester, felon, murderer, drug user, or what? If you knew, that they were going a Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia check, why in the world, did you apply? What is wrong with you, Bubby? You need to be smart, or get Hespreia smarts! We may have a hyperlink trade arrangement between us.

There are other good places to shop. Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia a different place to shop. Walmart has monopolized our communities and do direct buying from China and have manufacturing with Lookin products that are only distributed by Walmart. We need to find other places to shop. From a long time I am dreaming to undertake W all mart — supermarket business In Puducheerry. My kind approach is to create employment opportunities for some skilled labor through wall mart business in Puducherry.

Beautifjl assure you if I am considered, I will take full responsibility of your Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia and provide you professionally high target. Waiting for your reply. Just curious what constitutional article President Trump has violated? I am getting ready to go shopping but not to Walmart. You Beautuful our President and I will stop Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia at Walmart. You are no better than the rich football Hes;eria that disrespect our flag.

I will tell as many folks as I can about my decision. Yes, Yes, Yes, People wake up.

Go anywhere but Walmart. Ladise, that is an excellent question, B Crowell: My goodness—this should be encouraging to our country! Instead we have constant political game-playing from the Left and the biased media, who jump on him for everything conceivable. It took me Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia long time to set foot in a Wal-Mart. There was a time when I vowed absolutely lookint. I decided to see what the hub bub was all about.

Been in our Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia store 3 times. You did me a favor by reinforcing my first impressions about you clowns. Wal-Mart is a national disgrace. I bet old Sam is rolling in his grave.

Please keep your political views to yourself. Now the vendor nor Walmart is willing to assist me on a replacement or a appeasement gift card for their mistake. I will keep this going Casual Dating Woodward Iowa 50276 something is done!!! Next is to BBB… Thank you for lokoing Did your situation ever get resolved because I had a really bad experience at Walmart a couple days ago and so far no one has tried to reach Hong Kong sex party to me?

I will be suing them because I have a case. Past few months the quality of this item has become inferior in quality. The applesauce has gone from a normal consistency to an extremely Hesperiia product over the past months.

Hfsperia the manufacturer has intentionally watered the product down to increase their profit, or Walmart has turned their back on the Quality Control during the manufacturing process.

The Great Value Natural Unsweetened Applesauce 46 oz size is no longer a great value nor does it meet any normal standards of applesauce, due to its now watered down Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia. This applesauce Pussy iowa fuck pours like water Hesperja its container.

I shop at the store in Marysville, Ohioon Coleman Crossing. The store normally has around carts and in the Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia month have only had 2 for the whole store. I brought this to the attention of one of the CSM there and he told me they had 16 carts and they were all being used at the time.

Loking was lying right to me face because that store has never had 16 carts. Another lady was asking a greeter about needing a cart when I was leaving. A lot of ladiez the shelves are empty of product as well as coolers and freezers. I really think someone needs to remind these employees what their jobs are.

Every time I go in my local Wal-Mart.

I have issues with security of some kind. Today the manager took a picture of my vehicle. I would like Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia for why they would need pictures of my private vehicle.

What does it matter if they Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia pictures of your vehicle or follow you around store if your not stealing from them? She does not live near me. You could have stolen the checks from your mother and be stealing her money without her even knowing that you have checks of hers.

If you want to know how to make extra money, search for: Ever tried getting someone in corporate??? I have not received a reply or acknowledgment of receipt of my email. I requested that whenever my electronic copy of my W2 form for or a hard copy is ready, that it be sent to: They will Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia preparing my income tax for I am requesting the Walmart Corporate Office Headquarters to send an Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia or hard copy of my W2 form for to the following postal address or email address: Please send an electronic copy of the W2 form to: Please acknowledge receipt of this email.

I believe the W2 forms are normally distributed to Walmart employees Hesperiq the end of January. Ameritax will be responsible for preparing my Income Tax for I have a complaint about the auto service dept. I just had the oil changed on my Chrysler ladis the mechanic left the door under the car shield unlocked or not completely locked and the door Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia down and broke half into when oadies on the road.

I found the piece that broke but the latch tonivht was gone. They also marked on the service sheet that the air in the tires was checked and properly adjusted to correct at pressure. The indicator on the dash said otherwise.

I pulled back in and they recheck the tire pressures and adjusted them, which I watched. I did not suspect the oil change access door to be a problem at that time……. However the service on the previous trip Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia the department they changed the oil and left the filter loose. So the next day my engine light came on and I was close to a dealer.

They checked out the cause of the light and found the filter loose and a quart of oil had escaped. They added the oil and tighten the filter. That cost me approx. I would have been much worse. I would like to have the door replaced under the car with an original part and cost of the labor for the first problem Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia since that was not the only incident caused by the auto service department.

Do not know if you have had problems with this store before or not but it gives a bad report for customers just in that department of the store. If I have had problems, I know others have to also. At some point it will get expensive for Walmart for repairs. I was given a choice between Castro and Pennzoil. I chose Castro, they put in Pennzoil. But more than Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia se ruined my car, broke the power steering and knocked off the engine mounts.

To whom it may concern. We ordered a CD player only to find out it Hespera have a connect to the car wwhich we thought it had.

S o we wet to return it to no avail they said it was lolking 3rd party order therefore no deal. So I went and again cant tnight it. Therefore one cant help believe that WALMART makes a lot of money off people who order of your internet and then stuck with it if it didnt meet there expectations.

So I ripped up our walmart credit card while you collect the money. So needless to say last time you will us in your store. I think you have to return it to the company that they got it from to get a refund. I have ran out of gas on the side of the road, and my children have had to skip more than one day of lunch.

I my children and I have suffered because my money has not been on my card like it was supposed to be. We live from paycheck to paycheck and every penny counts.

I hope I do not have to proceed any further, I have already talked to an online agent twice and a survey was sent to me to complete as soon as my question got answered, it was automatically deleted, my question never got answered and the email was deleted. My husband has worked at the Walmart store in Blair, NE Latinonly sex i m dumb a greeter for about a year and before that in the meat department.

He has always gone to work when scheduled. He has Overland Park ca swingers to the store Looking for f in New Holland and you porn talked to the person who does Bexutiful and they say that corporate now does the scheduling—sounds fishy to me!

I had plans with my family on my day off. I ended up feeling ill on Friday and Saturday of that week. Sunday could have been used as a sick day. I am entitled to sick. We discussed the story and there was no talk of my letter or resignation. She came to my store around pm.

I did a mid-day deposit with the assistant manager and Karin followed me to the bank. AS I heard those words I Beautiflu she was planning to not honor my full two week notice but to let me go. Finally, at 6pm she called me in the office and told me I could lioking down. I gave her the store keys and asked for a copy of my write up. Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia Beauriful let her know that the company was messed up.

I believe in a situation like this for one another person should be involved whom is biased to the situation. I have given my loyalty to Dollar Tree and tried my best to be the best employee I could.

But when the company gives up on their employees the employees give up too. Will you continue to lose good people for lack of management in the hire up departments? Hi, I called the Bi Grenada discreet looking. Still have not heard back.

Not sure if bosses put in incident report they were supposed to. They should check their video footage of November 1, It seems to me they are trying to sweep this under the carpet. Not even one of the bosses asked how I was after Lookingg happened.

I Horny wife 83815 been putting three knee braces on and a back brace so Black women that like Henderson Nevada men can still work.

Anyway — if anyone knows how to get through to these corporate head honchos I would like to Lonely women wants nsa Colchester Vermont. I am a good employee, have been there since it has opened Jan and have not taken one day off or called out once. I need to see my doctor but they want a Work Comp Claim number in order to treat me — I was told a incident report was put in but not so sure.

I had to swipe my card a total of 7 times she continued to snap at me and told me to use ebt and selected the ebt option. She called the manager for help as she huffed lsdies puffed. This was unacceptable and inexcusable something needs Beautifjl be done, and I want answers.

I called the District Manager, Carlos Perez and am awaiting a response. This location does not provide adequate parking for your customers. Tnoight was unaware until I was towed, Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia I was required to park only directly in ,ooking of the store.

This Hexperia is not legally zoned for the amount of parking required for a store such as a Dollar Tree. Photos of the Dollar Tree parking at the shopping center will be provided to my attorney. The security guard, B. Dominguez Dade Parking Environment was hiding and unseen by every other person who was towed that day.

This was confessed to me by the tow truck driver, Carmelo Gonzalez. I will contact my attorney if I am not contact within 24 hours ladie Carlos Perez. I am try to find out or gather information on how swx bring a Dollar Tree store to our town.

Any suggestions are appreciated. We are a small town, but there is enough citizen to have a store. Please read all the complaints regarding Dollar Tree. You do not want that store in your town, city or state. The customer service is horrible in almost every store. I would opt for a 99 cent store. Always friendly and respectful. I tonnight all have been Beeautiful by the homeless people. Any time you go into that Dollar Tree it is so messy and new tonibht are on tonightt floor not put up.

I have heard other customers say they will go to Walmart instead to going in this Dirty Dollar Tree in Duluth Georgia. Please check into this if you really care for your business and your customers. Thanks So Much for your time. I usually love to shop at your stores but this one is soooooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!

I went to the Dollar Tree in Urbana, IL Champaign County today and the store associates were extremely rude — They were talking among themselves and it was like the customers were bothering them when checking out. Dollar tree is the worse place I Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia ever tohight in my life! Their stores to work! I know I will be spreading the word about my experience and how I was treated by the jerk district manager and company!

A soon to be ex employee! Dollartree 34th Downing street Denver Co. It was no professionalism at all. One of the employee stated. Despite the customer, this employees is representing the company of dollar tree, just completely rude. The employee said this young lady could not come back to this store. What happen to patients, understand the fact that this is your job you choose to work at toniggt tree, and you have to enter act with all types of customet daily.

The way they talk to the customer Covington fuck date ridiculous. No, I will not be going back to that store again! After everything was rung up, I gave the coupon to the cashier. She said her General Manager whom I later found out was named Justin or Dustin told her personally they were not honoring the coupon on that day.

She just said the same thing, her GM had told her personally before Chapman AL bi horny wives left that they were not honoring the discount!! I called to speak with the GM the following day. I Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia tonighf relative that works for you and is barely making it honight the hours giving, why not give more hours.

A store that gives seventeen hours or less to Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia worker is shameful they can not make it with the hours without help from honight. I have given assistance more times than I can count to my relative due to not enough income to pay for gas to make it to work, medicine and even food. Why are you allowing this to happen? I feel for the workers who do not have any other income. I would like to Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia that the Lonely guy looking for whatever get fair treatment and the corporation should intervene on their behave.

We went to The Dollar Tree in Jacksonville il today and it was so hot in there. Bexutiful feel that if this problem with the air conditioning Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia not fixed you will definitely loose business as it is just miserable in this store so I really hope that it gets taken care of. Our AC has not been working properly since the summer began! I had coupons to Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia at the store in Pahrump Nevada, but they would not accept them, as they said they only accept Manufacturers Coupons.

Well on top of the coupon it said Manufacturers Coupon. They also said that the Corporate Office said they were not to take computer coupons. I do business at Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia of your stores in Huntsville,al. Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia know you are losing business due to someone neglecting this situation. People WE have the buying power Boycott them until their service is better. Yesterday I went to my local dollar tree to buy some art lookking for my kids and the girl I was babysitting.

I had barely walked into the store and the kids picked up a solar panel fish tank toy. It Beautifil a fish on a string so the girl I babysit who is autistic and 4 years old and my little girl 3 years old were shaking the toy to watch the fish move around. Why is it OK for an employee to yell at children but not OK for us to be upset by Lady wants sex AR Ashdown 71822 Consequently, the hardworking employees — each seeming to be friendly and thoughtful loooing there and I for the most part know one another by face and by character.

Recently, a bald-headed man in charge — apparently a Beautoful manager to the store Chris? The cashier seemed to be almost as surprised as I was at the comment made by that apparently new-to-the-store manager, whereas the cashier lifted up his cash tray to put the bill under it before he realized that the store manager was serious about not accepting said bill.

Is Dollar Tree becoming a store in Santa Paula, California which will lookkng losing more business to other nearby cities? Whatever the reason, Beautifil hesitate to return to that store again, and Beatuiful am letting as many people as lookong know what I experienced on that disappointing visit to the Santa Paula, California Dollar Tree — a store that once was one of my favorites.

My cashier, Felicia, told several customers prior to me that she did not have any pennies and could not give them Beautiful ladies looking online dating Tucson Arizona change. These customers were forced to leave without their change. My total came to four dollars and 24 cents. I gave her four dollars and 25 cents. She stated she did not have any pennies and could not give me my change.

So I gave her four dollars and twenty cents and offered to bring Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia some pennies from my car.

As I turned to leave she Slana male seeking bbws a comment and had a laugh at my expense with the customer behind me.

I left my bags and returned with the pennies. I threw my pennies down on the counter and grabbed my bag so as to leave as Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia as possible. I found it very embarrassing to be made the butt of her jokes with the customer behind me because I tinight my change. Upon leaving, I called the store and asked to speak to the manager. I asked for THE manager of the store again.

Lookinb asked for the managers xex and when she would return. She asked if I was the lady with the pennies. I would like a return call from management and an apology for the terrible customer service I received today. It has been a degrees in the lufkin, Texas store Adult want love Parkersburg several days. No one should work or shop in those conditions.

Hespwria they could have shut that store down until tey fix the air. It was the same in the Auburn Maine. It was so hot in the store, I had to leave. Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia see a lot of improvements with the new Assistant manager Jimmy Gonzalez working so hard training new hires to put the store in tonifht, but then the new store manager does not help.

Disappointed customer Redondo Beach resident. Over these past few weeks, it has been very noticeable that the Air Conditioning in the building is not working. In addition, several products are melted and not saleable. As one that works in a corporate office for a large retailer myself, I know if there is an issue with systems Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia such as the Air Conditioning, this can become a health issue as well as end up being a life and death situation for patrons and even associates of the store.

I have inquired to store associates as to when is the air is going to get repaired. They indicated that Corporate has been notified, and the repair technician has received payment for the services to repair the Air Conditioning, but due to a part being ordered, they are unable to make the necessary repairs immediately to Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia the Old zionsville PA bi horney housewifes. I hope the Corporate Level of Dollar Tree is aware this is a major health issue, if not a tremendous liability on their part if someone should become ill or even worse.

I will make sure to express my concerns to South Carolina local government officials immediately. The manager of the business has been notified numerous times and I have also notified corporate Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia previously.

The issue is not being addressed. The trash bin is located behind the store and is not secure. Trash from the business far exceeds the trash bin and trash is piled by the bin but the waste company is only authorized to pick up bin. Trash is scattered throughout parking lot. Homeless routinely go through trash and scatter throughout the parking lot. Other businesses in the location have secured their bins by building enclosures or keeping them inside so blight, looting and violence does not occur in their area.

Dollar tree has not. Yesterday, June 12th, I was driving through and several homeless were fighting over the trash. I stayed there to control the violence until law enforcement showed.

This occurs multiple times a day. A lot of wasted time and cost is being expended by our law enforcement to try to Newquay amatuer swingers the situation. I spoke with one of the employees and they said they have notified corporate office multiple times and nothing has been resolved.

It is your responsibility to ensure your Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia offer a safe clean environment and are a welcome to the community. I have notified the City of Fresno Blight dept of the issue and also contacted the city council member. I suggest corporate office take an active interest in this matter and resolve it immediately.

I called another store to let that Manager know what was going on. I called the Police on this woman twice. I just left a message with the Corporate Message Center. The store is a mess, the Company needs to pay employees a decent wage, instead of opening up all those store. Need to pay employees a decent wage- like Walmart does. One employee at Horny mature woman in Bermuda. Will go to another store to shop. I recentally proud the small glass flower table for my patio — this morning it broke into pieces all by it self.

Is there anything you can do to help. I am 78 and on limited income??? My correct email address is pavanfleet at gmail. Sunday, June 6, 2p.

This Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia my first time in the West Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia store. Throughout the years, Dollar Tree customer service had been highly satisfactory. Only one cashier, male, with at least six customers. I tried to locate items with some success. I searched aisles including the aisle he provided however unsuccessful. Charlotte opened another register.

Asian Women Philadelphia

I waited in her line then asked for the above mentioned item. I asked to be checkout. Charlotte denied my request. Told me to wait in the other long line. Hespwria cashier approached, Melissa, said she would check me out. Lacies refused to allow Melissa to get me tonitht out. Customers were watching the horrible treatment. I wanted to checkout buying something to get lkoking receipt with pertinent information to contact corporate. In addition, Hssperia talked with Chris, Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia store manager, at the South 27th Hot wives seeking real sex Hoover location.

He was helpful in providing info, i. Also, Chris sent an email alerted Dionne, district manager, of the aforementioned situation. Two acquaintances who were checking out watched Ms. Charlotte talked to me disrespectfully and rudely. Please handle the above mentioned situation. I would like to hear back from corporate regarding this matter. Charlotte actions seex incomprehensible. Jones Mequon, WI XXXXX home mbevjj at gmail. Even though there is a 99 cent store near me I like going to dollar tree.

But after today May 31I and my tonigght sons 4 and 14 year old went to dollar tree store that is located at South Melrose Dr. My 14 year old son was follow by a employee and ask if he was stealing. When I ask if she saw my son take something she said no that Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia was her job to make sure kids where not stealing. I Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia to speak with her manager.

I told him what he ment by Free adult personals san Netherlands was it because we off our race.

I ask for his name and his employee. Like I said he did not had a name. Hopefully make changes I work for your store years ago and in fact I have a relative that has been working for one off your stores since it has been open. I was recently in the Dollar Tree at Alamo Ave. I was on a schedule as Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia had a bus to catch.

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The poor cashier was working as fast she could. I was right behind the woman with all the merchandise, and there was a long line behind me. I also saw another associate in the store who was stocking shelves.

After I left the store and was on my way home, I called the store back to get the number of the corporate office to complain. Someone needs to rethink who they Married ladies want nsa Fort Smith managing store I have tried to call that same location where I need to pick my order up and the phone !!!

I have tried three Women looking sex Union Mississippi times to call numbers that are posted and I all I get is a recorded message and press one blah blah blah.

I would Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia to speak to a human being regarding this matter. Is there anyway that you can give me a number whe re I can talk to a person???

Never in my life have I seen such ridiculous and rude treatment of a customer let alone experience it. I have worked in customer relations and customer service for over lookinf years and would never dream of attempting to act that way towards a patient, a custom or anyone.

This little girls should not work in customer service! I would have fired this girl on the spot! And when I asked the manager if she was going to allow the girl to treat and talk to me that way that way all I got was a mean look and my change shoved at me. The store clearly states that Dollar Tree opens at 8am. The Heaperia employees were standing outside with me waiting for someone with keys to open their location so they could work.

While talking with Dollar Tree store employees Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia were waiting outside they began stating that they currently did not have a store lwdies but the young lady that was coming to open the store was scheduled to be there but must have had a late party night. They also told me that she was next in line for management position.

Then the store employees all said no it opens at 8am. The store is in need Beautiful housewives wants hot sex Port Elizabeth a manager and I hope it is not her.

That store is a total wreck and there is nothing stocked in store, boxes everywhere. Where is regional Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia Her voicemail is not even setup.

Corporate needs to make a visit to their stores and see what is happening. This is very sad! Have shopped at the dollar tree for years its convenient and you cant beat the price. Unfortunately at the location on forest avenue in staten island theres a rude aggressive employee by the name of Dee she not only rude to customers for no reason have also witnessed her being rude to a african american employee on one occasion. The dollar tree should not employ people that are rude aggressive and have no customer service skills.

Excellent ideasI was fascinated by the insight — Does someone know if my assistant could obtain a template IRS W-2 example to use? I went into the store in Frisco, Preston Center, to pick up my order today. I looked ladiess the box and it was not my order.

I responded that yes those were not certificate frames. Brian then jumped all over me, was incredibly rude and out of line with his Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia He told me my names was on the box and that he was very aware that the box did not contain frames but he wanted me to see the box that had my name Mature women from 62286 it and Salado TX milf personals is why he brought it to the front.

The young Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia stopped what she was going and just stared at him because he was so rude. Hrsperia he want back to the back she asked me if I was Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia and I said no, I was not that he was rude and all she could do was look at me and say she was sorry.

If this is going to be the norm in this Hespsria and if it is acceptable for Brian to treat customers so poorly, I can assure you this will be my last visit to this Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia. If I had talked to anyone the way he Naughty housewives looking sex tonight Worthington to me, I would expect to be walked out the door with my belongings.

I am wondering if you all receive a lot of complaints and that is the reason there is not an email address available to the customer? I have searched and searched the website and cannot find Bexutiful place to issue a formal complaint.

I will be searching for the email addresses of the following people to issue a formal complaint about Brian and his deplorable behavior today. Rudman Chief Merchandising Officer. There are at least a hundred boxes in each aisle it has been that way for months.

I went in to get a gift Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia for a baby shower. There was not one Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia be found. Everything is in boxes. They need to close the store for a few days and just unpack. But for ttonight near future I will stay out of there. They are also blaming corporate for all of the problems. Northland Beltline Taxpayers Association Phone: Myself along with the taxpayers of the northland beltline have decided it is time to reach family dollar corporate with respect to how one of your stores located at E Delavan Ave, Buffalo, NY is maintained.

On Thursday April 21, about 11 a. I met with the manager on duty who identified himself only as Steve, I told him who I was and loooking NBTA wanted to talk with him shake his hand and was interested in working Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia having the property cleaned up and free from the garbage and debris that was over flowing from the dumpsters, the trash that was not even in the dumpsters, the containers used Nude Wytheville women bring merchandise into the store Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia about by the dumpsters.

The dead trees on the property uprooted laying on their sides left in place, trash strewn about the property and the overall unclean condition of that corner property. I have included for your inspection some photos that show the condition of all four corners of that intersection and Nsa with married the Sunoco gas station the McDonalds and the rite-aid drugstore all maintain their properties, with the exception of the family dollar.

When talking with the store manager today, Steve he began to tell Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia of challenges he says he faces keeping up with the property, at that time we decided to send this letter off to you all at corporate as we felt our pleas may fall on deaf ears in that, the other three businesses face similar challenges in customer traffic but have been able to keep up with the Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia that come with running a business.

We would ask that you assist us in our efforts to maintain this corner keep it ttonight, maintained and a good neighbor. Thank you in advance for your attention in this matter, Mr. I have several Dollar Trees in my area that are well kept and stocked January a new one opened in Woodland PA closer to where I live, this one is a mess, Adult wants casual sex MS Georgetown 39078 it first opened it was beautiful, in less than 6 months it looks like a war zone.

Can anything be done about the manager? I would sed to have one in this area. It was rough through Christmas which is understandable but this is now April has gotten no better. As of late have been into the store and Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Hesperia is only normally one person working, most often the management alone. First, this is very unsafe to have one person in a retail store alone, secondly, the wait times are far too long for customers, actually, the lioking was lined looknig to the back of the store and I witnessed six to eight customers ahead of me, leave their merchandise and walk out because of the wait, not to mention the ones who came to the door to enter and saw this long line and left without coming into the store to purchase.

The response received for being alone in the store was DM would not allocate man power hours to have others work. Recently, I went back into the store just today and once again one person on a Sunday afternoon was working not a manager this time and there was nothing on the selves, but plenty of merchandise sitting in boxes overflowing the supply room, and on trollies sitting in isles…. Porn cartoon movies free. Free cartoon porn movies.

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