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I haven't yet found a good answer. Or any answer, for that matter.

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I've been asked to teach a discrete structures for CS course, but at the same time make sure it's not a discrete mathematics course -- that's offered by the Mathematics department.

Many colleges offer a discrete structures course.

There are also many DS textbooks. But when I look at the course syllabi and the textbook introductions, the term "discrete structures" is never used; they use "discrete mathematics" instead.

CS at ODU. Discrete Structures entry at Wikipedia.

Cache Creek for fwb or discrete I Want Sexy Meet

I supposed you could split that hair and say "see, it's just discrete mathematics warmed over. In reality, discrete mathematics is just that, math dealing with discrete values.

Discrete structures are somewhat like constructs for discrete mathematics, but also deals with the topic matter. The two, however, as a course name, describe the same thing.

The terms are used so interchangably and are so vague that the people asking you for this likely don't realize what they are asking. I don't think you'll find any resources that give Piedra CA adult personals a clear cut answer, but probably what you want to do is teach discrete mathematics with a focus on the CS perspective. Cache Creek for fwb or discrete think there are two parts to fog question here: Cace for 2, I'm going to guess that there really is no difference.

Discrete FWB in west Texas: Personals - United States 2: Texas: Discrete FWB in west Texas By wtxman4u on Saturday, August 27, - am: I am a hispnaic male looking for a female fwb, in west Texas. Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, or surrounding towns. I . Words at Play When To Use "Discrete" vs "Discreet" Definitions and Examples for Easily Mixed-up Words. ‘Discreet’ or ‘discrete’? The words discrete and discreet share the same origin (from the Latin discretus, meaning ‘separate’), are pronounced the same way, but have different meanings. Discrete stays true to its Latin origins and means ‘individually separate and distinct’, as in: This issue is discrete .

They certainly sound like the same thing. But while "math" tends toward the theoretical, the word "structure" to me implies practical application and engineering.

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Big-O, red-black trees, that sort of thing. I think that in discrete math.

While in discrete structures we study discretee structures or structures generated by softwaresuch that each discrete structure is preceded by ror couple of lectures, for example, from the world discrete math.

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Barry Brown Barry Brown You can confirm from dean of the shcool.

‘Discreet’ or ‘discrete’? | Oxford Dictionaries

What course they want? Chapter 1 says "This is a book about structures.

It becomes discrete structures when the focus is on digital computation. Lott k 67 I remember distinctly that our textbook stated: Discrete structures are structures that are used in describing discrete mathematics. Discrete mathematics is math that makes use of discrete structures.

That looks like a recurrence relation! But really, you probably want to direct your questions to the CS department that hired you.

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