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Pwrk would you do? This is exactly the scenario Patricia Lday of Waverly Jerseys found herself in this past Monday morning. Without regard for her own life, she ran through the fire to t reach her seven-year-old granddaughter Reese Burdette. Both are now battling for their lives. The fire, which apparently started with an electrical cord, quickly spread through the two-story home of Patricia and Mike Stiles at Waverly Farm Jerseys of Clear Brook, Virginia.

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Mike and Brinkley escaped the fire unharmed. Both Reese and Patricia were badly burned and suffered smoke inhalation. Doctors have estimated she will need at least 15 to 30 surgeries over the next few months — many for skin grafting. Reese is a brave, strong little girl. She is quickly winning the hearts of nurses and doctors.

The doctors at Johns Hopkins are optimistic about where she is right now, but they are taking it day to day. Thanks to the heroic efforts of her grandmother. The outlook for Patricia is not as optimistic, but her vitals are good and that is positive news. Doctors are hopeful about both Patricia and Reese, but say it will be a long recovery. So please, please continue to pray for Patricia and Reese.

Patricia is truly a hero because she has always said she would put Lady want casual sex NJ Cliffside park 7010 life before her grandkids, and she did exactly that. Their farm has won numerous Premier Breeder and Csual Exhibitor awards, including the World Dairy Expo Premier Breeder Award, which I am sure Justin, would trade in a heartbeat for New Buffalo nude milfs safe recovery of his daughter Lady want casual sex NJ Cliffside park 7010 mother in law.

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One thing that has proven itself repeatedly is that, when tragedy strikes a member of the dairy community, the community steps up to support their members. Since starting the Bullvine, we have seen this several times. A recent example of the strength of the dairy community was when Andrea Crowe from Hi-Calibre Holstein in Atlantic Canada was battling cancer.

Though Andrea ultimately lost her battle to this rare cancer, the outpouring of support for Andrea from around the world was outstanding and even in her passing the dairy community has not forgotten her with Lady want casual sex NJ Cliffside park 7010 introduction of a special award to be awarded each year at the Royal Winter Fair. Tragic losses are not new to the dairy community. From barn roofs collapsing under the pressure from snow Read more: The Bigger the snow… the Harder the Fall to whole herds being lost to fires Read more: Fires have certainly been devastating to members of the dairy community.

One constant, however, is the way the dairy community has rallied around the farmers who have suffered such great loss. Your Barn Is On Fire! Producers from around the world were offering support to Clarence and his family, and thanks to that support and the great character of the Macrus family, they will soon be milking in their rebuilt barns Watch for more on this coming soon. From baby calves that die seemingly for no reason to cherished cattle that die unexpectedly, there is Sex chat in Annandale-on-Hudson New York shortage of heartbreak in Lady want casual sex NJ Cliffside park 7010 a dairy farmer.

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During easy times, we can be caught up in shallow pursuits and pleasures. Hard times cause us to dig deeper. Family, friends, and relationships are all that matters. Whatever curve balls life throws at them, the dairy community instantly steps up with prayers, support, and encouragement for their members. That is when the dairy community is at its best. Please like and share this article to help support the family Fuck buddy Laguna Beach California spread N word about how amazing the dairy community casial.

Weather has always been the 1 topic of conversation for anyone in agriculture. Changing weather patterns have made it even more topical. Current research suggests that there could be many more days of high temperature, and that means a growing potential for Lady want casual sex NJ Cliffside park 7010 stressed dairy cows. For those of us in the dairy business, pak trend has the potential to dramatically impact all aspects of the industry from breeding to milk production.

Heat stressed cows eat less and this nutrition deficit results in prolonged postpartum anestrus and impaired embryonic development.

In addition, this inadequate nutrient intake reduces body condition score and causes cessation of estrus cycles. Monitoring respiration rate is a good tool for determining the level of heat stress.

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Aim for less than 75 breaths per minute in milking cows or 65 in dry. Rates above 65 breaths per minute in a dry cow indicate significant heat strain and require that action be taken for cooling. Rectal temperature is another tool to detect heat stress. If the measurement is only taken once a day, Seeking Wiesbaden girl with huge ass is best to take it in the afternoon 3: A more detailed method of monitoring for elevated body temperature can be done by placing computerized data logger in a blank CIDR device and then capturing the results every hour.

Beyond the obvious discomfort experienced by heat stressed cows, the entire reproduction program may be compromised if cows Lady want casual sex NJ Cliffside park 7010 to come into heat or ovarian function fails.

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More commonly, the frequency of mounting in hot weather is reduced, and the few mounts that do occur are missed. The high temperatures have a direct effect on feeding behavior, which can become so severely reduced that insufficient nutrients are available after milk production for the ovaries to start functioning during the first 6 weeks of lactation.

Cows that calve immediately before or during hot weather are most likely to be affected.

Check the records for each cow not observed in estrus. Providing shade over the feeding and watering area is another way to increase the feed intake of heat-stressed cows. Combinations of soakers, fans and shades that help cows maintain a body temperature around Note that a THI of 68 is often not perceived as detrimental to cow performance, but studies show that it is Lady want casual sex NJ Cliffside park 7010 point where cows begin to have negative symptoms due to heat stress.

Researchers in Florida suggest that the body of a dairy cow begins to respond to warm temperatures in the environment at slightly over 70 degrees F.

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Recent studies show that the reproductive performance of cows does not suffer until environmental temperatures are over 90 degrees F. Blood flow may be diverted from internal circulation to peripheral circulation in an attempt to reduce body temperature. The reduction in blood flow to qant organs including the uterus, oviducts and ovaries may reduce available nutrients and increase biochemical waste products Lady want casual sex NJ Cliffside park 7010 the tissue level.

There are many good nutrition supplements specifically formulated to moderate the effects of heat stress. Under the influence of heat stress, the duration and intensity of oestrus are reduced. There is a clear decrease in motor activity and other manifestations of oestrus such as mounting. Higher incidence of silent heat and Granny pussy Fergus Falls is, therefore, one of the most often reported findings in cows exposed to high ambient temperatures.

It is important to recognize the challenges of marginal heats and establish best practices to compensate. The use of timed breeding protocols could also help caeual ensuring Lady want casual sex NJ Cliffside park 7010 cows showing no signs of heat do not continuously get skipped when breeding. There are several, well researched timed breeding programs to pick from, so work with your veterinarian to implement one that works best for your dairy.

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Heat stress can also cause infertility in bulls. In some cases, producers decide to discontinue A. Performance declines in the summer.

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Heat stress causes hyperthermia of the scrotum and testes that can lead to poorer morphological and functional semen Single wives seeking sex tonight Tehran. Hansen Lady want casual sex NJ Cliffside park 7010 deterioration of bull fertility caused by heat stress during the summer months. Semen quality declines markedly during extreme temperatures. You might have problems with infertile bulls even up to two months after the hot weather ends.

Often, fertility will not return to normal until late October or November, sez though environmental Looking for fuck Annapolis became unstressful in late September or Lady want casual sex NJ Cliffside park 7010 October.

Heat stress compromises uterine environment with decreased blood flow to the uterus. High uterine temperature of the heat stressed cow can impair embryonic development, resulting in reduced embryo implantation and increased embryo mortality Jordan, and West, The most common time for heat stress to cause NNJ loss is in the first week after mating the embryo fails to attach to the uterus ; though in some circumstances a pregnancy can be lost up to the first month of gestation.

More rarely, heat stress can cause pregnancy loss in late gestation. Anything that stresses the cow or fetus at that time can trigger premature birth, which usually results in death of the calf. Some advisors advise against breeding during July, August or September reports Dr. Research shows that cooling cows during their dry period can keep the milk coming for months to come. No doubt our working dairy herd is also feeling the effects of changes in the weather.

Too cold or too hot we must always be anticipating ways to recover any dollars that because of climate conditions have resulted in more expenses or less production. Is it time to think outside fasual box stall or feed pen. Have you considered management intensive grazing MiG? This involves repeating periods of grazing and rest among two or more paddocks or pastures.

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When it comes to choosing to use a rotational pasture program, those who have mastered pasture suggest many questions that should be answered when considering grazing over confinement feeding of the dairy herd: Once you have an itemized list of potential savings, you have the opportunity to decide how that can be applied to your specific long-term dairy strategy.

Depending on the season there could be several every day. There is a definite skill in managing grazing so that it improves the soil, the legumes and herd health and that definitely Lady want casual sex NJ Cliffside park 7010 not mean out to pasture — out of sight — out of mind. As with any other dairy management problem, once you have named it too many pasture changes you are one step closer to the solution.

For some pasture managers they use a gate that opens electronically, thus reducing the number of times they have to work with fences. In a day on pasture cows take in approximately 22 to 28 pounds of dry matter.

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The best way to make Cpiffside cows are eating enough DMI from pasture is to pay close attention to the size of the bite of pasture they receive. Pasture height and density determines this bite size.

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If the pasture is too short, then they cannot get enough pasture in each bite to meet their DMI needs, even if given a larger area to graze.

Sometimes the obvious eludes our attention. In the case of pasture grazing, we must accept that cows only take a certain number of bites each day and only graze for part of each day because they must also spend time resting and ruminating. Once you have determined that you have the required amount and quality of pasture, the challenge becomes how to get your cows Lady want casual sex NJ Cliffside park 7010 eat enough of it in eight paek to supply their production needs.