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Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr

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Does anyone know if The Cure re-issues have now stopped? I just recently clicked that the Rykodisc bonus track Abdulmajid, was likely named after his wife, whose full name is Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid. I think, eventually, everything you want from the Bowie archives will be available as the cash cow gets milked regularly. Then all the other stuff in separate boxes.

And there are people who will be discovering albums for the first time that would not have the original running order ingrained in them who might just listen through.

The stated aim of the Five Years boxed set was very honourable and initially followed that philosophy. The albums were close but not exactly as originally released and all contemporary — released — tracks were collected on ReCall.

So it was a genuine attempt to collate the material that was released at the time and not bundle in rejected tracks, demos etc no matter how good that Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr clutter things up.

The inclusion of the utterly pointless Ziggy remix album spoiled it somewhat but it was a good start. The hope of course, at least from Bowie collectors, was that parallel to that a genuine archive trawl would be compiled that would see great tracks like Sweet Head etc compiled in one place as was done with the Beatles Anthology.

But of course as with seemingly fdiends Bowie reissue program, things got off track and we end up with the IMO pointless Gouster album and Maslin STS remix, and the needless inclusion of the non-canon David Live remix. Seven studio albums plus two fgiends albums. Then Diamond Dogs to Scary Monsters. Seven studio albums plus three live albums. Seven albums plus two live albums.

Seven albums and three live albums. The problem of course with the last two would be the sheer volume of mixes, there would be far too many ReCall discs. Lose Ronson, lose Visconti, lose the desire to be a pop star, those to me are the three break points.

Then have a separate series collating all the mixes and outtakes etc. But someone needs to do it friejds. I have the Stones in Mono box which is by Atco so I am aware of some conflicts in ownership of their back catalogue. I have an old cassette of The Stones at the Beeb which would have been broadcast back in the 80s and some of dun classic early covers were very good. Wilko Johnson even said he preferred some of the Stones covers to the likes of Route 66 to the originals.

Arthur Russel Instrumentals is also being reissued by Audika. A tragically underrated band. For those interested, I emailed Red Bullet a few days ago for further details.

I assume what that means is no new remastering. The catalogue was remastered in so I think they have used these for albums released up to ?? Would definitely love to see a deluxe or reissues of the Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr, great Adrian Borlands solo work. I was a huge fan of The Sound and loved his stuff, would do his memory Housewives seeking casual sex TX Port acres 77640 if such a project was taken on….

Friehds Saint Dominics Preview may be next, fingers crossed. I havnt read amd comments on here Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr, but Rhino are to release GFTO by Yes on picture disc as its 40 years since release. Now Im feeling old! Fans are waiting for some Roxy Music deluxe editions sincewhen the debut turned I remember his manager saying that was nearly done.

Probably wanted to Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr Hot swingers wants girls wanting fucked at the same time as the Born To Run book so delayed it.

Probably a lot harder to sustain interest with MH not here to tour, promote it etc. They messed up the 25th anniversary edition.

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Got the tape, CD and vinyl of that album. Was there a draft track list of the proposed deluxe edition? Slightly overkill on Sometimes there would have been 11 mixes! Not going to happen. You could have done Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr 3 disc version.

More or less what happened with Sam Brown. I loved that Max Q record. Was there a remaster proposed? I bought a couple of the remixes, but none of them were really essential, IMHO. I guess it would have been remastered, although as you say not sure much would Wilbur OR wife swapping doing, it was a great sounding CD.

I also expect to see not likely this year possibly at the end of these boxsets an Anthology set of rare and unreleased material again in separate volumes too. It seems Steve Wilson is doing all the remixing these days for everyones catalog.

When does he sleep? Should be out late this year or sometime next year. I am sure there will be another George Michael compilation out by the end of the year. Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr, do you have Wife looking hot sex Chatsworth inside information about changes with Listen Without Prejudice?

Are they trying to milk the price now that George has passed? Or is this actually a different configuration of the package? Wow… so much that would be good. Prince — Purple Rain box: Hopefully this has more to it than just one bonus disc! I suppose its too much to expect a Tunnel of Love box too, huh? Whitney Houston — Whitney Id love a deluxe of this. Even just a 2CD edition like the Whitney Houston set. Would be great to get a deluxe of this. And will there be a 4oth fuss made of Saturday Night Fever?

Perhaps theres room in Loking schedule for an anniversary edition of Love Over Gold? And I guess if I possigly going to finish this list with a very popular choice [for me! I simultaneously really Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr all of these to be released, as much if not more than my wallet dreads it!

It would be great if U2 could actually go back and finish POP!

Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr

It was after all left hurriedly in a state of incompleteness due to the tour they had already booked in advance. Comedian Scott Aukerman resequenced it as part of his U2 podcast: Pop Muzik Crossfade Women sex dating in Takouchan 5 Minutes into Mofo 2.

Do You Feel Loved 4. Discotheque Hexadecimal Mix from The Best of 5. Last Night on Earth Single Version 6. North and South of the River 7. Please Single Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr If you Wear That Velvet Romance Sex adult dating Wake Up Dead Man.

Bowie box will almost certainly include Scary Monsters to get it up to the required number of discs with both having 12 cds previously. Even Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr it will struggle. The 4 remaining RCA studio albums, both versions of Stage — another 4 discs, possibly 2 ReCall discs but perhaps one 2lp and the Baal ep which by rights would just be on ReCall.

They might choose to throw in Peter and the Wolf if they are scraping the barrel.

There Loooing no lost Man Who Fell To earth soundtrack. The Ryko bonus tracks are not welcome on this box and not previously included anyway as they are dubious at best I Pray Ole and often crap Helden remix etc. And hopefully better quality control this time too, Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr boxes have had Naxhville in them so far.

All Saints is pretty good, as is Abdulmajid. Completely disagree about the Ryko extras, I Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr they were excellent. The Rykos remain the best reissues in terms of giving you something extra. In 45 years they are the only label to offer bonus tracks on a reissue of Hunky Dory, and all four anc good. Despite subsequent reissues Diamond Dogs, Ziggy, Aladdin Sane Lookint else of any real significance over what we got with the Rykos has ever been delivered.

Name me one essential bonus track post Ryko? Given Van is now on Columbia Seniors looking honry women we likely to see a complete box a la the Dylan, Cash, Miles Davis boxes — that would be a treat!!! Can you see that happening after they emptied the cupboards for the 25th anniversary SDE?

I can not see another SDE coming.

China Art of Noise reissues…. They have been active online and teasing out master Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr photos, etc. Is ian peel officially out of the project? As far as others, I will buy any PSB reissues. Those albums are in dire need of remastering and were quite popular at the time. Not huge here in the US but they have their fair flr of followers like me.

Not forgotten at all, great band and music. There are quite a number of vinyl-only mixes from that album that would be great to have on CD as listed out when these rumors popped up on this site. Additional Further Listening discs are of much less interest.

Hopefully they will get re-pressed and put out there Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr better distribution. Further reissues would be great. Would love to see the OMD reissues continue as noted above.

Hopefully without any custom edits and with all commercially fiends content as a priority. Further Big Audio Dynamite reissues as noted above hopefully without custom edits as per the first album 2CD. Others with non-album tracks included: Older Pet Shop Boys: Ray Of Light Kate Bush: Slave To The Rhythm Eurythmics: Beaucoup Fish Roxy Music: As far as Queen goes, there are rumours that we may get a dvd of either the Earls Court 77 or Houston 77 show.

There has also been talj of a Live Killers boxset. But not holding my breath. We will probably end up with an umteenth hundred comp. Also they really need to put out a WHAM!

Prince has got to be more than 2 discs surely? Madonna re-issues would be the ultimate dream come true! I agree Nashvil,e a lot on your list — especially Kim Wilde. Would love to have Dead or Alive individual albums available, not even deluxe versions Russells point OH sexy women simply the original albums on CD and vinyl. Under loved Gem just waiting to be frienfs. This year will be the 30th anniversary of their split, do you think Morrissey and Marr are going to celebrate it in some form?

Even without Alan Rankine the album was quite good and there are many different different versions, Ladies seeking sex Dolph Arkansas etc.

Search Dating Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr

But i would like to have them nicely done in one place — Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr. Agree with you about Fundamental, just picked it up on vinyl from Discogs, lush Trevor Horn production. I really wish the Pet Shop Boys reissues come soon. Nothing of any interest apart from Lloyd Cole I had no interest in his solo stuff at the time which seemed aimed at a more mature audiences and the as yet unannounced Purple Rain.

Paul add to that the golden earring complete studio box yayyyy metallicas puppets deluxe and neil young archives 2 ps last one Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr a joke. Sadly Bluefield wv sluts was a generation, or two, after my pop days glam was the thing when I was a nipper.

For Deli in Kristianstad county like myself, this is very thin gruel indeed. Well, Beatles, Presley, and Dylan are mainstream acts. Doors and Purple are mainstream classic rock acts. I also use MusicTap google it to get release info, that has a much wider scope for those interested. Bowie Box 3 i hope they leave out Scary Monsters.

Sacrilege i know but im hoping it stands alone as a Super Deluxe box set. Main disc5. I do wish Scary Monsters is kept out of it, but Baal included, as well as the real Cat People, the soundtrack version. Scary Monsters was not his last experimental album, it was his first commercial, spawning what, three hit singles, videos etc.

No longer leading the Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr, but being on it. There was old wave, there was new wave, and there was David Bowie, but now they have merged. Scary Monsters was the beginning of a long downturn in my opinion. Not picking up again until Next Day. And, what about the possibility of Pink Floyd: The Middle Years being on the cards…?

I say this as the massive Early Years PF box set was to include a new 5. Also a quad version of Echoes can be found on that disc, and for those able to rip Blu-rays, a full 5. Thus, I speculate deluxe boxes of these albums are on the horizon. Pretty sure the Meddle 5. James Guthrie talked about doing a 5.

As for Queen — seems they got it all wrong apart from the Rainbow box set these past few years: Sheer Heart Attack 40th anniversary — nothing, A Night at the Opera 40th — nothing, A Day at the Races 40th — nothing, Hyde Park concert 40th — nothing, long promised archive box sets — nothing. Will I keep waiting another ten years? Especially after what you Paul found out from Dave Stewart last year.

And as far as I know any Radiohead album has yet to be remastered. So that is a Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr disc minimum.

Perhaps any So80s artist editions? I thought they were close to releasing an ABC one last year. Will they be back in print when they Iowa LA wife swapping the later albums? Not sure there is much Horny women Paradise Nevada qld add to the Wife looking nsa OH Delta 43515 Listening version of Please but Actually can easily add another disc of remixes, megamixes, etc.

Bruce may not be so proud of these versions but many love them and it would add something original to the SDE version as I doubt Bruce has many unreleased songs left in the vault. It would just be a bonus disc of live material more? Been waiting forever for a fantastic Slave To The Rhythm deluxe version. Duck Rock is one of my absolute favourite albums ever!! Great work, Trevor Horn! Hi Paul Great things to come in Anyone who knows about the volume 2 bruce springsteen box will come.

And sure simple minds will put out a deluxe version for street fighting years Maybe we will some Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr cohen remasters also Exciting year I hope was the worst year for music lovers Rip to all those we lost. Right, I expected a Springsteen Studio box vol.

Marc Almond tweeted about a forthcoming Soft Cell box set and a more casual fan-friendly Greatest Hits album with a brand new song.

Tango def, has to be 3cd though to get those ground breaking remixes on. Love Liberty as well. But have a sentimental connection to TWA. Plus I remember listening to some solid remixes on those cassette singles.

And the live performances from that era acoustic renditions were brilliant! This is the reason I love this site so much. Trying Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr be up to date with frienfs on my own was so tiresome.

Captain Fantastic box set would be brilliant as would the ARMs concerts. I would buy two of the Captain Fantastic box sets with one just sitting there unopened for me to admire the fantastic artwork! Hopefully we get the long promised Ever After: Complete Singles collection from Siouxsie and the Banshees this year Along with the complete video collection.

According to Steve Severin, it had been scheduled for Locol fuck budy 92620 fall but got pushed back.

We did a meet and greet with the PSB in Atlanta a couple months ago! Really nice guys, btw. They told us that some of the reissues would, in fact, be 3 disc sets.

Girls Aloud Nasvhille a great version of Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr.

Swingers Sex In Christiansburg Virginia

I asked them if they Wife wants nsa Mud Lake had recorded their own version, or at least a demo. They said it will be on the YES reissue: Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr, mono, outtakes, etc. It amazes Lookiny that record companies and the recording artists do not consider re-vamped releases of albums that would be hugely popular with fans.

Lookingg an imperfect world we live in. Cohen, for bringing this to my attention. I can only imagine how challenging it is for you and your staff when dealing with licensing rights and obtaining approval from recording artists, their agents or trustees to put out a single box set, not to mention trying to locate the best multi-track tapes, etc.

I do want to express my appreciation for your participation in this SDE website forum Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr answer questions and learn more about what consumers of tangible music products think and feel.

IMO, the entire Roxy Music catalog is worthy of deluxe packaging in 5. Someone Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr extracting the urine. Can you poke around and see if we can indeed expect these this year? AoN fans have been waiting for these releases more than patiently ever since they were tweeted about by Ian Peel almost 3 years ago!

I would love to see Flaming Pie too but I would hate to see those albums skipped over. I wonder what they could include in this one other then the revised Stage. I really enjoyed Gouster in the last set. How many times can they Married women sex in East Dennis David Bowie Heathen on vinyl? Is there anything different about this release? I hope not too much this year, I am watching my spend.

Would be interesting to know what that will include. Also wondering what the XTC group will issue in ? In psosibly opinion, the best bang for the buck or pound on the reissue market. Perhaps the Black Album will be updated on the vinyl reissue list?

Lastly, maybe now that George has sadly passed the Wham catalog may be given a bit of respect. Best to all for ! Will a little cheaper for us musicfans as ? I do hope so. I read through this hoping to see somethibg Stonesy. You looked as if you were going to mention the George Harrison vinyl box? Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr quiet around that with the exception of a picture posted by Dhani Harrison of himself.

I believe a Steven Wilson remix is due in the first half of No Weller is definitely 20th Jan. Universal confirmed that with me recently…but not back on amazon UK with Clit lickers for tonight Lincoln price just yet.

This Weller reissue annoys me because I failed to pick up a copy in November when they first reissued it.

Jan 12,  · FEBRUARY. This month sees the sizeable Vangelis Delectus box hit ‘the shops’. If you took advantage of the SDE deal alert, then well done, as it’s looking like it will be honoured!After years in development Hidden Masters’ Chris Wood box is out and plenty of vinyl on the way; Paul Weller (Stanley Road and Heavy Soul), Budgie, Status Quo and Bon Jovi just some of the artists with reissues. May 06,  · Host of the Proof Truth Podcast, spreading truth in the dynamics of relationships between men and women, in particular exposing the hypocrisy and entitlement of the modern American women. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook. World of Radio will remain on Sunday nights at PM Eastern, on the new Global Community Radio Channel One. While this will be an internet radio service primarily, I am interested in possibly making both of our streams available to any non-commercial broadcaster who might be looking for programming to fill open airtime.

How can they justify such a price hike within 2 months. What I would like Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr have seen from UMC is an audiophile Nasnville issue along the lines of MFSL quality then the high price could be Swingers Personals in North fork, in fact I would dor prepared to pay more.

I was looking forward the Small Faces Autumn Stone deluxe edition considering it was advertised on the back of a Record Store Day release back in April. I wonder if it will come out insix years after the first deluxe editions of their albums came out. Apparently, permission is not forthcoming. At one time, I considered that one possible solution would be to use BBC versions instead of Fuh versions. Unfortunately only 3 of the 4 disputed songs exist in BBC versions.

Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr

When Jean-Luc and his long time secretary Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr me, I was 36 years old. Countless emails, texts and threats of legal action came to nothing. I gave up in the end. I understood however [perhaps incorrectly] that the reissue was done and dusted, as test copies were pressed and had allegedly been heard.

In fact, the reviews in the UK press this week have been outstanding Bbw sex finder sum em sum em has made Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr very proud… The new issue of Shindig! We always welcome and encourage debate, constructive criticism and opinion, all of which we take on board.

Informed comment and shared knowledgable is also welcome. We try not to be distracted from the work by rumour, speculation and ill-informed comment masquerading and written as fact.

But sometimes you have to be distracted… Firstly, Philip Cohen is not connected to Charly Records or any of its projects. Nor does he have any contact and he is not privy to any information. This ensures simultaneous release across all formats and in all territories.

BMG took over the UK rights for Immediate and I liaise closely with the team there, and as I stated earlier, I project manage each release for the label. In fact, some of the sessions are incredible, containing a wealth of previously unreleased material. Another note to Phil — yes, we are working with multitracks and paying for studio time, so all ok there….: How about a complete Frank Zappa albums box set collection?

Hoping for a quite year for my tastes but will pick Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr the Dylan set at some point and of course the third Bowie box. Keep up the good work Paul and have a great new year. Nightlife and Release already had 2-disc editions with their initial run, so these new releases need to Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr some good unreleased material from the vaults. Also, Neil and Chris and Hot soccer daughter here Company, please keep the format the same with jewel cases, oversize booklets, and outer slipcases.

I am also hopeful for further archive trawling in the style of the concerts box. The Purple Rain DeLuxe is done: Prince did the remastering of the original album himself as the initial plan was to re-release it for the 30th anniversary in and Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr it over to Warner. Release will be somewhere between April and summer.

Looks beautiful, but no previously unreleased tracks. All of which I love btw. As Oldfield announced himself being currently working on Tubular Bells 4 virtual reality project but not beforethis should leave space for more reissues before Christmas. Hi Paul, thanks Housewives looking hot sex GA Atlanta 30319 this preview, very interesting as always.

What do you think of it? I definitely agree with the above post about Lilac Time and Secrets of the Beehive! Just to let others know that Pledgemusic are running a campaign right now for a 6-CD box set reissue of the first four albums by Kitchens of Distinction.

That is good news… KOD are yet another great band that sadly lurks forever in the margins. A sort of missing link between Pulp and Blur, and lyrics that touch the funny, fantastic and forlorn. Often in the same line.

Tom Waits back catalogue remasters on CD — yeah, right. How likely is this from another artist Who Never Looks Back? File it with the Kate Bush remasters fantasy. Come on Julian, have a heart. Matt did mention the idea of a box set at Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr point… and still nothing.

Not going to happen Ladies want real sex MS Osyka 39657 it? Same time next year, then. Hopefully without any cock-ups this time. It would be nice if something could be done with that. Unfortunately I very much doubt if any of those artists will get some reissue or Superdeluxe love anytime soon.

Would love to be proved wrong though…. Something commemorating the Swordfish album would be nice though, but I think I read that the reissues sold in ridiculously low numbers. I seem to recall that the initial sales Free pussy in Harrisburg Pennsylvania each of the three titles they did was just over copies, but I could be mistaken.

Hi Paul W… And there is the problem in a nutshell, just because a few guys here would love something to happen…we are a skewed market and in all likelihood it would only be a couple of hundred copies Worldwide?

But as Paul S. Just Want hot passionate sex massage sex Sumter any long term fan of any group will have something in their possession that a company could never put out. Ah the good old days…. Now I find the author!! Any chance of a pointer to how Looking for fun friends Nashville and possibly ltr might obtain them?

Hey I too am kinda interested in that Duffy stuff too…getting more into it lately with his Duran Duran connection, dr calculus and lilac time…collabs with Stephen page and barenaked ladies, etc…. There was a full concert in a music shop in Bromyard which is the most beautiful thing ever. Sadly all gone, a REAL loss. Thanks a lot for the outlook. Unfortunately no news about further Van Morrison re-releases so far.

Quite pleased that Singles vinyl has been delayed. My wallet is thankful for that. I will like many be a bit disappointed if Monsters is not in it. I wonder if the next set of Springsteen re-masters will be issued this coming Blue Ridge webcams nude. Final musing — any sign of anything being done with Blood On The Tracks?

The next Bootleg Series is going to be from the religious period. Blood On The Tracks should follow that. I am wrong at times. No release date yet, but most probably 1st half offollowed by one or two more in the fall.

Thanks for this Paul. I agree that a Wham rarities set would be most welcomed. Speaking of Prince though: Lovesexy, Batman and Hot fun in Lawton this long weekend were supposed to be out late last year.

I tried to order two of them when they were listed as coming out on December 31st but Amazon just says they are out of stock…. I had the same problem with Sign O The Times.

It kept getting pushed back and finally Amazon never really had a U. But other dealers had it as a preorder and it was finally released.

Batman is frustrating me because it is going through the same process now. Nowhere to be found on Amazon, but other sites have it listed as a pending preorder. So keep checking, it will likely be available the first half of this year.

Thanks Jamie — it is weird, now I cant find any mention of forthcoming Prince Housewives looking real sex Broaddus Texas on Amazon US there were previously some dates on there — and in Germany and UK it says that Lovesexy and Batman were released late last year but never came in stock, as far as I know.

However to me, the most interesting of the bunch is Prince. It will be interesting to see how his catalogue will be handled and the first release, whatever it ends up being, is going to be pivotal for his future releases. Do they start with Purple Rain because it is arguably his most famous or to they start from the beginning and start working their way through with a standardized schedule?

The products he has produced so far have been exemplary. That kind of sucks, especially if you collected all the previous albums deluxe versions like me, for both Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails. I agree with you about the Scary Monsters inclusion. Plus, it sounds like the end of the seventies as opposed to the beginning of the eighties, it fits with the Berlin trilogy. Your email address will not be published. David Bowie The minimum we can expect from this year is a third major David Bowie box set that will include all three album from the so-called Berlin Trilogy — LowHeroes and Lodger — as well as the live album Stage and probably Scary Monsters.

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