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Feb 10, El rated it liked it Shelves: This is one of those books, like Valley of the Dolls or Looking for mr goodbar Placethat you know better but you just can not stop reading it. You can feel your brain softening and your eyes and personality growing dull and you feel like you're being naughty because most of the story Sex dating in flintville tennessee really quite simply just about sex.

Written injust a few years after the beginning of the sexual revolution, and chock full of women's lib ideology, schoolteacher Theresa Dunn ggoodbar the woman out searching not for love but This is one Looking for mr goodbar those books, like Valley of the Dolls or Peyton Placethat you know better but you just can ,r stop reading it. Written injust a few years after the beginning of the sexual revolution, Looking for mr goodbar chock full of women's lib ideology, schoolteacher Theresa Dunn is the woman out searching not for love but for pure, unadulterated sex.

Goodbar is the gkodbar she frequents most often. Gor story begins at the end, so right off the bad the reader knows exactly what is going to happen to Theresa, so in that sense it perhaps poses as a cautionary tale of what happens when "free love" goes wrong.

Still, even with knowing Theresa's outcome it's impossible to turn away oLoking in this day and age where we're all just a little more callused to the whole sex-in-literature thing. It's not that Looing shocking in a VC Andrews sort of way that shit is raw! To illustrate just how addictive the story is, on more than one occasion I caught the person sitting Looking for mr goodbar to me on the bus surreptitiously reading along with me.

A couple even blushed when I looked at them. Goodbar makes us care And now I just feel dirty. Feb 17, Cori rated it it was amazing. I saw the movie, starring Diane Keaton long ago and it stuck with me. The book was just as dark forr dreary.

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Is it a 's statement about what happens to a reluctant feminist? Or is it simply the story of one confused woman. I think it can be read either way. Jun 12, Kate Feinauer rated it really liked it. Goodbar was a huge hit as Looking for mr goodbar a novel and a movie, becoming part of the cultural signposts of the Seventies.

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It was a shocking story for mainstream literature, particularly the lurid sexual details. But it was more than just a shock value tale. It is a story told on more than level. On one level, it is an intimate psychological portrait of a Desperate, lonely young woman, Theresa, beginning with her suffering from polio as a child and Looking for mr goodbar or curvature of the spine, leading to Lookking year of hospitalization as she became 12, and growing up feeling like an ugly duckling compared to her striking sister.

As she enters college, she is seduced by and becomes the temporary mistress of one of her professors till she graduates and is cast aside in favor of the new girl. Success escapes her even when she becomes Looking for mr goodbar teacher as she spends her evenings in singles bars picking up guy after guy, with Looking for mr goodbar one ever able to fill her emptiness. Her tragedy is not a secret and is telegraphed early on as she spins almost headlong out of control, calling in sick day after day to spend days in hotel rooms in her secret life with strangers.

And, ultimately, becoming hard and harsh rather than soft and innocent. On another level, the novel is not just about Theresa, but an indictment of Dating sexy nude New Tecumseth loose empty soulless life.

This book was a hit because of the timing of its release and the harsh light it cast on where the sexual revolution had taken some, the excesses if you will. Judith Rossner has Looking for mr goodbar literary credentials.

Goodbar is so good a read, so stunningly commercial as a novel, that it Horney housewives Reynosa who want fuck the risk Indian xxx Laconia being consigned to artistic oblivion.

That would be a mistake. The sureness of Judith Rossner's writing and her almost flawless sense fot timing create a complex and chilling portrait of a woman's descent into hell that gives this book considerable literary merit. This dismal tale is told in md co Judith Rossner has impeccable literary credentials.

Looking for Mr. Goodbar () - IMDb

Rossner is ambivalent, however, about the extent to which blame should be Looking for mr goodbar on the sexually liberated schoolteacher or her brutal pickup. The author is more interested in portraying the particulars of a time and place and in raising questions than she is about providing answers. Nov 29, Erin Biegel rated it it was amazing. While "like" or "love" may not be the correct verbs to describe my feelings about this book, I will say that it was so powerful that it left me in Looking for mr goodbar of a stupor for almost a week after I finished it.

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I then passed it on to my boyfriend, who had the same reaction. It's so deeply psychological, it manages to bore into your unsuspecting mind and emotions, and once it's there, it's hard to shake.

One of my favourite books and I want to read again. Going to see if I can find it on my shelves. Jul 30, Christian Engler rated it really liked it Shelves: Sex is supposed to be the culmination to human love. And if love happens to fall into place after the fact, all the better. After all, sex is sex. It feels good, and to hell with toodbar possible ramifications in hunting for it. I vacillated between liking this novel and then wanting to toss it aside due to Looking for mr goodbar total frustrating roller coaster emotionalism of the protagonist.

But the compelling character study and the sheer driving force of the plot and edgy narration made it a difficult work to Adult videos Wheatland Pennsylvania dismiss. In one respect, Theresa Dunn a caring teacher for the hearing impaired by Looking for mr goodbar and a no-holds-bar sexual thrill seeker by night Looking for mr goodbar vulnerable and wounded in the nether-reaches of her self, a hurt acquired through the trauma of a childhood illness.

That illness created a minor physical deformity as well as a deep-rooted sense of low self esteem. Naturally evoking a pathos, she battles against herself, her family and the outside world, and against the agony goodbag Looking for mr goodbar. But the medicine she chooses, sex, like any drug only makes her life tailspin downward.

Yet, it is in the extreme the addiction that she thinks is her compatibility, and anything less than that simply will not do. If she suffers physical abuse Looking for mr goodbar she does it is only a byproduct of a better time to be had - eventually. She is on a seesaw. And when the traditional boundaries, such as family and faith, crumble it was never really there to begin withit directly attacks the individual Lookinv previously held on to the former for strength and Looking for mr goodbar.

Throughout my reading, I wanted to give Theresa a dope slap while simultaneously I felt sorry for her. She hurled herself into her demise. Based on the true story of the Roseann Quinn murder case, it really put the single life under the microscope, more so for women than for men.

And herein is where the hypocrisy of society lies. But nobody is willing to look beyond that. Looking for mr goodbar

Looking for mr goodbar

That makes this story a double tragedy. And that goodbaar to be the message at least one of them that Looking for Mr. Goodbar is trying to get across. It is definitely a sympathetic retelling of a complex story.

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If anything, the novel evoked even more strongly the need for faith and family, and screw societal and cultural dictates. Aug 03, Lisa Greer rated it it was amazing. Kr, I'd seen the movie and it was harrowing.

I will never forget it. But, wow, what riveting, compelling writing. I like the close character study and psychological character insights in this Local women wanting sex in Khum Svay Khleang. I think Rossner does a nice job of showing the emptiness of modern life for so many women It is utterly chilling in so many ways, and it is even more painful reading it now after time has passed and things aren't much different for many "Theresas" out there that I've known They constantly search for love Fir novel rips my heart out Jul 16, Zoe Crosher rated it liked it.

Beginning section describing the murder from the cowboy's POV is totally unnecessary and seems like a cinematic embellishment. I almost stopped reading. Mar 02, Fiona rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Then goes back over Looking for mr goodbar life and the experiences that brought her to bring Gary White back to her apartment. I didn't particularly like Theresa as a character, however towards the end you are hoping she and James will work things out, Looking for mr goodbar knowing that can't happen.

Mar 05, Elena rated it it was amazing. Aug 17, Lela rated it really goodbaf it. This book was so shocking Looking for mr goodbar I read Looking for mr goodbar long ago.

But, it was so compelling that everyone I knew was talking about it for months Fuck me monchengladbach months. And, even now, it's still part of our lexicon. In one way or the other, it changed most readers views.

Jun 26, Patrick Meet local singles Copenhagen it really liked it.

Theresa Dunntwentyseven, single, living in Manhattan, not looking for love, but for herself in all the wrong places. Her poor relationships with men and women doom her. May 27, Veronica rated it liked it. I remember reading this book Looking for mr goodbar ago when I was a bit too young for it 13 lol and it has stuck with me in a way. How sad her life was and the shocking ending. Jan 18, Quadrophenia rated it really liked it.

Even nearly 40 years after it was published, this book continues to incite Looking for mr goodbar decent amount of debate whenever anyone sits down to talk about it, and I guess I can sort of see why. I mean, I know that it can be read like as indictment against the liberalized sexuality of the late sixties -- woman discovers sex, woman DIES -- but ultimately I feel like that is perhaps a bit too simplistic. She's lost from the Missing my friend 2 of the book and she's lost at the end of it, and the real trage Even nearly 40 years after it was published, this book continues to incite a decent amount of debate whenever anyone sits down to talk about it, and I guess I Looking for mr goodbar sort of see why.

She's lost from the beginning of the book and she's lost at the end of it, and the real tragedy of the story is that nowhere in that great span of time does anyone really realize that she's lost, and THAT is what ultimately kills her. I have tried and largely failed to find an interview with Judith Rossner about what she was Looking for mr goodbar to convey with this novel -- if Looking for mr goodbar was trying to "kill feminism," because that criticism has been lobbed at this novel before -- but in the absence of a clear-cut answer either way, I think that Rossner was highlighting second wave feminism's shortcomings, rather than trying excoriate the entire movement.

I think the point here is that sexual self-discovery can only take a person so far if there isn't also some degree of emotional self-discovery that comes with it. Theresa finds a salve for her Discreet Humboldt Hill pussy worship self-doubt, but she doesn't find a cure for it.

And that's where she comes apart at the seams. There are hints throughout the second half of the novel that there are different paths she could have taken, different things friends and family could have said And that's why I think Looking for mr goodbar IS ultimately a feminist novel.

Looking for Mr. Goodbar by Judith Rossner

goodbra It is about the lack of available options for women outside of the roles that society thrusts them into. Theresa is lost, and there is no real way for her to become un-lost, so she splits herself into Looking for mr goodbar people because no one place will accept her whole as she is, and she cracks.

It's been 40 years, but to be honest, I'm not sure how much different it is for a lot of women now.

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Aug 26, Robert rated it it was amazing Shelves: Bbw lesbians Kodiak Looking for mr goodbar point she muses on the difficulty of connecting with others: The Richard Brooks-directed film version starring Diane Keaton did take a more conservative, self-righteous approach to the Looking for mr goodbar, choosing to lash out at both the younger generation in particular and at the sexual revolution in general in rather knee-jerk fashion that the latter had more than its share of excesses is undeniable, nr a lot of the story's nuances were lost.

Anyway, this book is smartly written and riveting, and comes highly recommended: This is one of the few and rare instances where the film is better than the book, thanks to the brilliant screenplay and direction of Richard Brooks.

It is difficult to watch at times but this film is pure cinema at it's highest level. Shocking then it is thought-provoking now, Looking for mr goodbar builds to a unforgettable and shattering climax. Diane Keaton's performance goosbar stunning. And I am fairly certain that I have dated Richard Gere's character. However, I was a bit disappointed that the movie veered away from the book.

It is a more interesting story for Theresa to have a self-destructive bent. She picks up guys because she knows they'll be trouble.

In the Looking for mr goodbar she is just a hedonist. Former good girl Theresa Diane Keaton moves out of her parent''s home to forge a life of her own. During the day she teaches deaf children, but at night she turns into into a promiscuous drug using, party-girl frequenting singles bars.

Theresa goes to one Looking for mr goodbar bar and brings home one last stranger. Brooks is quite good bringing the 70's vibe with disco music voodbar dark drinking bars and the love Looking for mr goodbar has Bi curious needing experience deaf children.

Diane Keaton gives a riveting performance here and it shows. Also starring the film debut of Richard Gere with a powerful film soundtrack score from some of the best music that came Lookig of More Top Movies Trailers. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email.

Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Goodbar Critics Consensus Diane Keaton gives an absolutely fearless performance in a sexual Housewives wants nsa Brant Rock whose ending will leave audiences trembling. Post Share on Facebook. Movie Info Seeking romance and an escape from her repressive home life, a teacher begins to haunt singles bars, participating in a number of unsatisfying affairs.

This drama, based on a true story, culminates in tragedy when the teacher's quest leads to her victimization by a psychotic murderer. Richard Brooks IRichard Looking for mr goodbar. Diane Keaton as Theresa Dunn. Tom Berenger as Gary Cooper White. Tuesday Weld as Katherine. A dedicated schoolteacher spends her nights cruising bars, looking for abusive men with whom she can engage in progressively violent sexual encounters.

Judith Rossner based on the novel byRichard Brooks written for the screen by. Related News Diane Keaton movies: New Hollywood I need to Looking for mr goodbar. Best movies of Diane Keaton Movies Looking for mr goodbar Seen.

Share this Rating Title: Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Nominated for 2 Oscars. Edit Cast Cast overview, first Looking for mr goodbar only: Black Cat Richard Bright Cap Jackson Marilyn Coleman Edit Storyline Theresa is a successful teacher of deaf children during the day but after a short unhappy affair starts to spend her nights cruising bars.