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A group of Boston capitalists built a major textile manufacturing center in Lowell, Massachusetts, in the second quarter of the 19th century.

The first factories recruited women from rural New Muscle girls Lowell as their labor force. These young women, far from home, lived in rows of boardinghouses adjacent to the growing Lowrll of mills.

The industrial production of textiles was highly profitable,and the girlw of factories in Lowell and other mill towns increased. More mills led to overproduction, which led to a drop in prices and profits. Mill owners reduced wages and speeded up the Muscle girls Lowell of work.

The young Pussy looking for sex in Wellington di rect operatives organized to protest these wage cuts in and In she published Loom birls Spindlea memoir of her Lowell experiences, where she recounted the strike of One of the first strikes of cotton-factory operatives that ever took place in this country was that in Lowell, in October, When it was announced that the wages were to be cut down, great indignation was felt, and it was decided to strike, en masse.

One of the girls stood on a pump, and gave vent to the gidls of her companions in a neat speech, declaring Muscle girls Lowell it was their duty to resist all attempts at cutting down the wages.

This was the first time a woman had spoken Loweol public in Lowell, and the event caused surprise and consternation among Muscle girls Lowell audience.

Cutting down the wages was not their only grievance, nor the only cause of this strike. Hitherto the corporations had paid twenty—five Muscle girls Lowell a week towards the board of Muscle girls Lowell operative, and now it was their purpose to have the girls pay the sum; and this, in addition to the cut in the wages, would make a difference of at least one dollar a week.

It was estimated that as many as twelve or fifteen hundred girls turned out, and walked in procession through the streets. When the day came on which the girls were to Muscle girls Lowell out, those in the upper rooms started first, and so many of them left that our mill was at once shut down.

As Muscle girls Lowell looked back at the long line that followed me, I was more proud than I have ever been since at any success I may have achieved, and more proud than I shall ever be again until my own beloved State gives to its women citizens the right of suffrage.

Girls looking for sex Canungra, you could not prevent the older girls from turning out, but Lowsll daughter is a child, and her you could control. The dissatisfaction of the operatives subsided, or burned itself out, and though the authorities did not accede to their demands, the majority returned to their work, and the corporation went on cutting down the wages. And after a time, as the wages became more Muscle girls Lowell more reduced, the best portion of the girls left and went to their homes, or to the other employments that were fast opening to women, until there were very few of the old guard left; and thus the status of the factory population of New England Lowrll became Muscle girls Lowell we know it to be to-day.