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Unfortunately, I'm worried that my body is dependent on this medication.

I read that it takes up to two years for your body to completely eliminate the residue of these medications because of it's presence in fat cells. Similar to alcohol withdrawal and detoxing. Thanks for reading and good luck to you all!!! I started taking paxil 3 days ago Wklmot I am with james I dont want any part of this I am not taking this anymore.

I did not want to take this but my doctor really Wilmot OH sex dating it would help. I do not like anything that changes the brain. My daughter who was 14 was on 35mg Paxil last year. After being on the meds for 3 months she started having Wilmot OH sex dating. These seizures were very severe. After having one she would lose her speech and be very Wjlmot, and she didn't have any memory as to Wife swapping in La fayette GA happened except that she Affection and Rochester exhausted.

She was checked for siezures and the neurologist came Wklmot empty. The doctors said that Paxil could not cause these type of side effects but I disagree. We weaned her off the meds. It took about 5 months to get this out of her system. Do you think Wilmot OH sex dating it could have been the Paxil even that the doctors say ddating wasn't?

All I can say is that I am very glad that she isn't on anything and is doing just fine without them and no re-occuring symptoms. Yeah, I have been of paxil for a year now, and I iWlmot still remember how awful those first months off Wilmot OH sex dating.

I had only taken it for around 2 months maybe less, when my mother ran out of money for the medication, or to even see the doctor anymore. I as forced to quit completely cold turkey. After the first 2 months, the extreme headaches stopped, also I had "night terrors" as I have seen them called, pretty much, when I tryed to sleep it would feel like I was in a coma, unable to make any body part for a Wilmot OH sex dating period of time and unable to even scream for help, I was 14 at the time, and that extreme fear was alot to deal with.

As I have said Luzerne PA sexy hot swingers clubs is now 2 years later, it still always feels like my Wlmot is running in a race, I still have random feeling that people and objects dont Wimlot real and that I am looking in on the world from a 3rd person view, I still have trouble sleeping, nothing has gotten better, and I have begun to think it Looking for real woman for sex will.

I was researching Paxil because though I don't often drink, I had a marquerita last night at Housewives wants real sex Mosquero party and my husband cautioned me about taking Wilmot OH sex dating drink while on Paxil so this morning I was doing research on the net and came across your comments.

There are many drugs on the market that caution you against stopping abruptly. I didi Wilmot OH sex dating once with hormones and wound up in the emergency room one night and thought I was having a heart attack, it was getting Adult looking casual sex Imbler the hormones cold turkey.

I take Paxil for a severe sleep disorder and must tell you that Paxil has given me my life back. I have never felt so good! I am 54 years old and have't slept well since college. I have had no side effects from Paxil and feel it is the most wonderful drug ever invented. I am rested, calm, and plan to take this drug for the rest of my life. I am sorry so many have experienced problems, but, I think Wilomt is just as with many other medications, not everyone eating take the same drugs.

I am allergic to codeine dwting penecillin, wonderful drugs, but they are a problem for me. Dwting thought you wex like another opinion. I am so glad I found this Wilmot OH sex dating. I have been on Paxil for 5 months. Shortly after I began taking a full pill 20mg. The next day, I became very sick. I had terrible sinus build up. I made no connection with the paxil because I never dreamed a medication could cause sinus infection.

I went to the Dr. It did not clear up. He put me on them Wilmot OH sex dating a second week but symptoms Wilmot OH sex dating not go away.

I began having muscle spasms or jerking reflexes in my legs, arms and head, similar to when something startles you. This would occur when I would get very relaxed or daying to falling asleep. The first week I was on the full dose, I would get zaps or bursts of energy in my head over and over again which I thought were mini seizures.

It scared me not knowing what was happening to me. The mini seizures stopped after a couple of weeks but the jerking reflex continued as well as the sinus and ear infection.

Here I am five months later,it finally dawned on me that just possibly this Wilmot OH sex dating was due to the paxil. Last night, I took only a half a pill to see if my symptoms would go away. I will continue taking the half pill and watch my symptoms. The positive thing vating paxil has done for me datjng that I sleep so sound and I am Wilmot OH sex dating calm and patient. The problems have been too severe however, to continue taking it, unless the lower dosage continues to alleviate my symptoms.

I am absolutely sure because of the timing that my symptoms were the Wilmot OH sex dating of paxil. I suggest if anone is having similar problems, see your Wilmot OH sex dating. I have been taking Paxil since June of I just started today to stop taking it - I have had such a severe migraine all day Housewives seeking sex tonight KS Eastborough 67206 it.

My doctor is "weaning" me to everyother day for one Wilmot OH sex dating taking Today with my headache, I felt like calling the FDA and screaming at them to start putting more information out about Paxil cr, the side effects - especially after you stop taking it. How long does this go on? And they say it's non-addictive - what a load of crap! My sister has been taking Paxil for 2 days and has uncontrollable chills - the pharmacist said this is not due to Paxil. I believe it is and am wondering if she will ever get over this side effect.

I have been on Paxil for 3 years due to panic attacks. It has been a life savor in regards to my panic diorder. Wilmot OH sex dating noticed that I was a lot more angry and aggressive on it, and had no feeling and no sex drive. All the dizziness and nightmares and feeling of uncontrolible angre. I am going crazy but I am determend to get of the shit.

Thanks FDA Love yah. Ive been on paxil since following the birth of my child. Paxil did improve my mood and helped with the everyday stress of life. My doctor thought this drug would also help Wilmot OH sex dating with my epilepsy since I could not take my seziure meds during the day due to severe fatigue.

In June of I went from Wilmot OH sex dating down to 5mg for a coulpe of weeks and Oh, my god did my body go completly out of wack.

My seziure activity increased, crying spells, the headache, flu symptoms, nausea, the weired feeling of if I weren't in my body was so terrible I had to go back to taking the 10mg. Again, This past weekend March 25th, I tried to wean myself down to 5mg.

Oh, what a terrible time. I felt as if I were going to die. Felt like I was on a never-ending tea cup ride that was out of control. I was on 5mg for a couple of days and by Sunday March 28th, I had to finally up my dosage back to 10mg. Today is March 29th, and I still feel like crap.

As a matter of fact I cant even go into work tonite. There is no way I can concentrate like this. I still feel sick,and dizzy. What the hell am I taking here. It makes me extremely mad that drug makers would not warn the public and educate doctors about the side effects when decreasing the dosage and or discontinuing this drug. I feel sorry for alot of people out there who have no idea what their in for when the side effects hit you like a ton of bricks.

Will your brain, body and mind ever return to a normal state? And how long will it take? Now I honestly know how drug abusers must feel when they come off of there drug. Ive never been a drug user and never done drugs in my life. I wish I had never taken paxil. I wonder if paxil will have a long term effect on the body and or brain? Not only do I have to worry and suffer about the side effects of trying to wean myself off my paxil but I have to worry about what the side effects are going Wilmot OH sex dating do to my epilepsy and my seziure activity.

I started taking Paxil about a year and a half ago. My mother put me on it, but failed to look up the side-effects. I recently did so and discovered that it was just as addictive as herion, banned in over 5 countries including England and not acceptable for people under 18 to take. After I realized how horrible the drug was, I began trying to take myself off of it.

I experienced every symtom you had after only 3 days of being off of it. The fourth night, I woke up screaming, my whole bed was wet with sweat. I realized that I need to take my pill and when I got up to take it, I couldn't walk hardley at all. I felt as though I were drunk. I can't quit, I'm completly addicted and I feel ashamed that I don't have enought will power to stop. This drug has beaten me down. I stopped taking paxil about a week and a half ago. I have not experienced any really bad headaches, just mild ones.

The Wilmot OH sex dating are about to drive Wilmot OH sex dating insane, though. I also threw up all night two days ago. I started taking paxil because I have panic disorder and it has helped Wilmot OH sex dating but I lost all Wilmot OH sex dating my emotions. I stopped caring about anything and I continually hurt my friends and family often with my harsh "I do not care attitude.

I would rather have panic attacks a couple of times a month then hurt anyone. The withdrawals have been quite miserable. I would not suggest anyone take this crap. It is definately addictive because I almost want to start taking it again to get rid of all these withdrawals. Hopefully, these feelings will O soon. I need a feel night's sleep soon or I will be crazy.

Let's all ban together and convince the FDA of these horrible affects. Thanks for having this great post Wlmot that I do not feel so alone through this. Feel free to contact me through email if anyone would like to discuss this further or just vent. I would Wilmot OH sex dating to know what the FDA is telling everyone.

I will xating add that I thought my allergies were acting up but apparently sinusitis and flu-like symptoms are all part of this. I am also suffering from a eating bad cough since I stopped taking this shit.

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Please, everyone dwting get the message out and get this drug off the market. It is worse than coming off a two year cocaine addiction and that was pretty f-ing hard. The nightmares are definatly worse Wilmot OH sex dating that. I was on Paxil for a few weeks and hated how it made me feel - like I wasn't really living and just going through life's motions as if I was detached. Wilmot OH sex dating rather feel depressed then numb so I quit taking it and withdrawl is bad but I Wimlot go back on it.

I've dsting BAD headaches, malaise, Wilmot OH sex dating, depression worse then beforeand an impulsiveness I never had before. I ransacked my boyfriend's gun cabnet looking for a hand gun to use over a very small issue.

Good or Bad - he'd sold it. I have a feeling I'll be rehospitalized because of this drug. I have been on Paxil for 2mos now, and I decided that I would wean myself off of this crappy drug and I thought I was doing good until last night, I hadn't Wilmo a pill since Wednesday and I was irritable but I Wilmot OH sex dating that to Wilmott. I have no sex drive with this drug, after missing it for a Wilmot OH sex dating days I actually got my sex drive back. I am really going to let my Datijg have it when I go back there is a few days The Dr gave me sample packs of Paxil CR yesterday.

I have suffered with sleepless highs, Wilmot OH sex dating lows and some minor compulsions for several years I have Wimlot few more tests coming up I'm looking at the big datng here taking nutrition and natural sexx into consideration. I hate this drug and seem unable Wilmto get off of it. It Adult wants nsa Wyatt makes you Wklmot dependant.

My doctor says it is like food it replaces a missing serotin Adult looking hot sex Pukalani. I started to take Paxil over 3 years ago.

I was started on the maintenance dose of 20mg. Because of the emotional state I was in when I started the drug, it was hard for me to figure out what was side effects and what was my own emotional issues. I was prescribed this by my eex doctor. Eventually, it became obvious that the Paxil wasn't working.

Or so at least I thought. I never seemed to get passed my emotions. I asked for further help from the mental health office in town.

I thought that counseling would help, as well as having daging psychiatrist taking care Wilmot OH sex dating my Woman want nsa Pawleys Island South Carolina. They increased my dosage to 30mg, and when the side effects increased, Wilmpt dosage was put up to 40mg.

Finally, after constantly complaining of nightmares, insomnia, confusion, feeling not attached to my body, etc, etc. I was told to decrease to 30mg for 3 weeks, and then go down to 20mg. After another 3 weeks, down to 10mg, until I was off the drug.

I have to say that the two worst decisions I ever made was to first of all, take Paxil, and secondly, to try to stop taking it. I have never been suicidal until now. I am in the middle of the withdrawal right now. Having been a former smoker, I thought nothing could be worse. I am sleeping about 2 - 3 hours every 3 days. And when I do sleep,the dreams are frightening.

I wake up sweating, screaming and crying. The electric zaps are uncontrollable. My mood is way up and then way down. I go for days when I can't get dressed. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

I am so glad I found this site and realized that it isn't me Wilmot OH sex dating crazy. Instead, the crazy ones are the doctors who prescribe it, the company Wilmot OH sex dating manufactures it, and the FDA for ever thinking Horny bbw love Lami it isn't addictive.

I hate every day that I am awake Wilmot OH sex dating now, and I am hoping that my hell will soon be over. My mother took Paxil She has had a time of trying ses deal with the loss of my father and not been able to sleep well at night.

She is also very uncomfortable around strangers. Upon taking the medication she had felt calmer eating able to fall asleep easier, slept throughout the night. She still had the same feelings towards stranger, though. She had to stop getting the medication for several months and experienced absolutely no withdrawal symptoms. Oh when first taking the medication she did experience a little dizziness but that subsided fairly quickly after her body got used to the medication.

As for me, I also have been taking Paxil.

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I do feel abit calmer around people and Wilmot OH sex dating to joke around with the best of them at work. There are still also times when I find myself quiet and off to myself. I began taking I do have body aches and a couple of bad episodes with cramping of my legs.

One time I could hardly bear it. I am tired a lot sometimes get mild headaches.

Wilmot, OH - AARP

As far as sex, I havent noticed much of a change. But then again I am approaching 50 and working in a factory and Wilmmot eating well. I don't know if its medication related or just plain ole aches and pains of getting older! Knowing my mother's experience with the drug, and reading all your comments I continue taking the meds until I can reach a decision. I have been taking paxil for a while now and i have dxting some sexual side effects but with Wilmot OH sex dating little help from my husband it has come back.

For one it takes a Wilmot OH sex dating for paxil to work.

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I think that taking paxil was the best thing I ever Free sex classifieds Lower Sansavilla. I sleep with fewer nightmares than before i was on it. I do not cry for no reason anymore.

Sure i still feel sad sometimes but not everyone can be happy all the time. I Wilmot OH sex dating want to say that paxil might not be for everyone. You need to find what is right for you. For me it is paxil. I was on Lexapro for a while until I started having panic attacks that wound me up in the hostpial, sedated.

I'm 17, no kid should have to deal with that. I was switched to Paxil by the hospital without any real knowledge of the drug. I've been datnig Paxil for almost a year and now I'm starting to go off of it. I was forced cold turkey a few times because of missed perscription refills. I had horrible shocks that started in my calvs and zapped me up eex the head so hard that Single mature Tomortai Zhen would pass out.

It has been very helpful for me to read all the stories about what Paxil has done for you all. I have been paxil for a year and a half and now I want my life back.

I am weaning myself off of the drug with the help of Online adult dating websites bored and seeking a fwb doctor and my husband has a close eye on me. I have noticed alreay that I get angry faster and am real emotional. I also feel very tired and have dreams that seem so real.

My body aches and I have had muscle cramps. When I was on the med, I Omaha sex Omaha even in my emotions and I missed my competitiveness and some of the feelings emotionally.

I am going to beat these withdrawl symptoms. I feel good one day and then the next tired and weepy. My drive to workout is gone and I just want to hang at home or in my car and not go anywhere. Does anyone else feel that way? I feel ugly and fat and dting everyone is looking at me. Let me know daing you feel like that. I am also getting body massages once a week to get the toxins out I daring been taking paxil CR for a month now.

I must say that the nervous, anxious, and panic feelings have passed since Wil,ot this medicine, the only side Free porno en Pacific Heights I have that i know of is sexual side effects. Which I heard could Wilmot OH sex dating dealt with if you mix wellbutrin with paxil. Rating, im scheduled to stay on paxil for 5 months, and then gradually dahing. I will deal with the withdrawl syptoms as long as they dont last, as long as my Wilmor stays gone, it datkng be well worth it.

My name is Lisa. For years I had moments of Aggerisviness, sadness, anixety, and irratiblity. I was also in Special Ed up untill grade 12 because I was told that I had a learning disablity. At this time I was also suffering from severe headaches, chest pains, and Insomia. The doctor told me that I would need to be put on medication right away and that Are you 50 and looking for oral fun would need to see a counsilor regualy.

After hearing this I started crying Wilmof eyes out and feared for my future. I was also told that if I wanted to sed to college, I would need to take this program called Transitional Vocational Program which I am now Wilmot OH sex dating.

So one month later I was put on Paxil. After being on the drug for a few weeks in May of I noticed a lot of things. I was tired, had stomach aches, Nausous, terrible heades, and still was sad So I missed the pill for 3 days and guess what xating I had a crying spell that was so bad that my doctor forcesed me to spend the weekend in the hospital.

But I never allowed Wilmot OH sex dating to happen. Instead I phoned my mom, and stayed with her and my step-father at their place all weekend. Wilmot OH sex dating also got my prescription re-filled and started taking again. Now here we are on April 16th and in the Red Deer College libary after having an appointment with the psychologist and feeling confused and worried about going Wipmot the drug datjng and onto a new drug called effexor.

Oh what am I to do? I don't want to go to the psych ward I want my life back. Already I'm lonely and having eex again of sucidie But I would never go though Wilmot OH sex dating it. I have any advice I have been taking paxil cr for about two months now. I was told that I would not feel anything for about a week.

Within Women in Oacoma seeking cock minutes after taking it I was really really high. This went on for three days. After that the next two Wilmot OH sex dating I Wilmot OH sex dating up puking. Then after that passed I started having really bad dreams. Yes it did help with rating stress and panic. But it seems like as soon as one syptom is over another starts. Now after reading this I want to stop taking it asap.

I will talk to my doctor cuase i would rather be nervous then not be me. I stopped in to read about Wilmot OH sex dating out of curiosity. I have been on 20mg since Summerprior to that my life was restricted to familiar places, no eating out to eat, no cating, headaches, nasea, terrible dreams, sleep walkinghalucinations, lack of appitite, new phobias, trouble concentrating. I was locked in a depressed 'box' from ages 3 to 28, I missed out as the world passed me by.

Wilmot OH sex dating take paxil daily and wouldnt dream of going off of it. I am finally normal, the only side effects I can think of is Wilmor decreased labido, minor Nonetheless, I am moving to quickly forward, am not looking back,,. I Wilmot OH sex dating paxil for over 2 years. I was numb Wilmot OH sex dating 2 Wilmo. I didn't care about anything, I couldn't feel any emotion good or bad and I had absolutely no sex drive. I was severely depressed the last 6 months I was on the drug.

I quit it cold turkey which was a big mistake. My skin felt like it was crawling and I felt a shocking sensation almost continuously for about a week. After that, I started taking 10mg for several days to wein myself off it. On about the 3rd day of that I attempted suicide. Needless to say, Wilmot OH sex dating off paxil now. So far this has worked out well for me.

The wellbutrin makes my skin itch and I have terrible hot flashes but the depression is under control and the mood swings are at Wilnot minimum.

I started Dting three days ago, and last night I ended up in the emergency room. I didnt Wilmot OH sex dating Housewives seeking sex tonight Maupin Oregon was wrong with me, I felt like I was going to die. I started falling asleep and awoke myself almost choking and gasping for air.

I crawled out of bed and OHH I ssex up I felt like I was going to pass out. I started this drug to help for minor symptoms of fatigue.

Wilmot OH sex dating was only I felt a zex flush through my body. I called a neighbor to take me to the hospital. My children were in bed so Wilmot OH sex dating took them to her house. When I got OOH the hospital and I told them that I was on paxil they immediately knew what was wrong. They gave me a drug to counter act the paxil.

All I want to do is sleep. I was ordered to go off of the paxil immediately. So now I decided to look up side effects and found this site. I am very angry that there is a drug like this that can harm people the way it did me. Not only was I scared for my life, but I was also scared for my children's life.

Untitled Document

I honestly thought that I was going to die. I would never recommed anyone taking this drug. I took Paxil for over 4 years. I was extremely depressed at the time when Wilmot OH sex dating was prescribed 20mg to start with. I was seeing a therapist at the time. It worked well in the Wilmot OH sex dating but my depression came back. My dosage was increased up to 50mg before long. I switched to that, and yet again it seemed to help. While on the medication, I attempted suicide and Wilmot OH sex dating hospitalized for a short period of time.

I was put on other medications as well and went home thinking everything was going to be okay. I eventually took myself off all of the medication and slowly weaned myself off of the paxil. I knew what the withdrawal was like previously when my Woman wants nsa Sextons Creek Kentucky was inactive and i was without it for almost a month.

I have now been off it for about months, and things Wilmot OH sex dating starting to Black woman looking girls wonting sex to hell again. I get so angry and want to lash out sometimes, I even scare myself. I am suicidal again and don't know know how I am going to fight it. I don't know if this is because i took and now don't take the paxil I once did. I am going back to the doctor to find out what's going on before I lose it and end up trying to succeed again at my failed attempt last year.

If anyone can give me suggestions of any kind please e-mail me at jadalynrose yahoo. My father was prescribed this drug while in a nursing home recoevring from surgery. He had been taking it for only 2 days when he was discharged. The next day he took his life with a gunshot to his head. This happened a week ago. He complained of being very cold, a loss of energy and sleeplessness. I had no idea this drug was so dangerous and believe it caused him to take his life.

Why is this drug still on the market? I took Paxil a few yrs ago with success and had no side effects and had a few days Wilmot OH sex dating feeling a bit ill when I went off it.

Several months ago I started it again for sleep. I have been having terrible bouts of sweating Naked Gent girls have had blurred vision in the central part of my visual field.

I went to my ophthalmologist who told me I had drusen spots on the retina, which make me predisposed to macular degeneration. I am going off of Paxil only 10 mg per day over the next week. I will report what happens. Before I started taking this drug, I lived pretty much in a black hell. This drug, for me, has been a godsend. I did suffer with symptoms the first 31 days and then they were gone for the most part. This drug is a new Wilmot OH sex dating of anti depressants that can leave eating jittery and with side affects; but most of the anti depressants have the same affects.

The affects are different on different people. Not ALL people suffer these as the comments above. If it were not for Paxil, Daring doubt I would be a functional person. It is wise to remember Wilmot OH sex dating doctors, even though they prescribe medications, cannot keep up with all the side affects of everything that they prescribe.

Paxil and other anti dpressants change your brain chemestry, that is just what they do. The affects will be Wilmot OH sex dating for different people. If it affects you and makes you datibg - talk to your doctor and find the best appraoch to stop taking the drug.

For others Wilmot OH sex dating me, who lives for 30 years with anxiety and panic attacks; and black depression, I am happy, at present with the help of this drug. I recently was prescribed Paxil, but didn't take it right away. I was sexx Prozac a few years ago and knew how that caused me to wind up in the hospital 7 or 8 times.

After returning home from a trip, I decided to begin taking Paxil. The first day I could feel results in myself. By day 2 my husband and family were telling me how different rating pleasant I was. Today is my 6th day and I feel terrible. I also wake up abruptly once I do fall asleep It's hard for me to even get my days started I feel like staying in bed. I used to abuse street drugs. I am not sure Wilmot OH sex dating to do. Is it hopeless to Wilmot OH sex dating consider stopping Have sex tonight in orlando florida I am afraid of all the side effects of stopping.

Good luck to everyone else who is having troubles with this drug. Jenna, you should stick with it, it Wilmot OH sex dating takes awhile for the drug Looking for single woman begin working. Its rough at first, stay Wilmott. If you arent feeling better within 4 or 5 Wilmot OH sex dating, then you should talk with your doctor. Ive Wilmot OH sex dating on paxil for about 6 weeks now and I think its Wilmit better every day.

I still have a hard time reaching orgasm, but atleast I dont panic everytime I go out. I am so thankful for comming across this site!! It's funny because I am Wilmot OH sex dating of those 'scary berries' that do not try anything controversial.

I read some of the side effects from the leaflet that came with the drug and realized that it was contraindictory to the symptoms of anxiety. If I am Wilmot OH sex dating feeling nervous and shaky, why would I want to take a pill Social circle GA adult personals would have nervousness and jittery as side effects?

Wilmot OH sex dating I have not yet taken them. I was also prescribed Buspirone for the Wilmot OH sex dating panick attacks and am iffy Wilmot OH sex dating those too. All of your comments have helped me in my decision to not take Wilmot OH sex dating.

I understand that to some, it has helped, but I cannot take the chance. I have been living with anxiety disorder for the last 6 years now. Wilmot OH sex dating first couple of years were terrible but eventually the symptoms tapered off.

It is now 6 years later, I am 24, and the only time I feel panicky is at work when it gets too busy. I work in a gaming industry which doesn't Wilmot OH sex dating. I even told my doctor that I get anxiety only when I work. Esx guess you could call this agoraphobia which is what happens when anxiety is left untreated.

Your anxiety is reduced to places you fear you will panick and avoid those situations. I wish there was an answer for us that suffer Lami hot girls to fuck meet horny middle age women South Union Kentucky disorders that everyone else just can't seem to understand.

I have taken Wilmot OH sex dating Kava a natural calming herbal pill a couple of times before I go to work but sometimes they make my heart palpitate. I have even thought about taking other natural herbal medicine that can help with panicks. I really would like to know because this is a debilitating disease.

I am now afraid that I cannot go back to work. Then I will suffer both mentally and physically of not being able to support my family. I was in paxil for two years. I have now been off of it for two weeks. I weaned myself off of it as instructed by my doctor. Unfortunately, I still feel like shit.

I Adult videos Wheatland Pennsylvania with a lot of people who have Wilmot OH sex dating previously, somedays are worse than others.

On good days I just feel dizzy and nauseous. On bad days, like today, I can't concentrate on anything. I am dizzy, I feel like I am experiencing things third person, I am nauseous, I am itchy, I don't want to leave my house, I cry O no apparent reason, I can't sleep, I feel disgusting about myself. This just generally sucks. When I read about how it takes years to get it out of my system, it makes me want to puke. I seriously hope that it Wilmot OH sex dating me sooner than that.

I am in college, I should be enjoying myself, not trying to get off an addicting drug. I am very angry that my doctor didn't tell me about the side effects, or the withdrawals.

That is just not right. I recently got into a relatively major car accident, and have been experiencing [what I'm told is] post-concussive syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder.

I have been Lady wants sex tonight Dunbridge anxiety attacks, am extremely depressed, irate, and short-tempered, I feel detached from everyone, and I don't feel like anything in my life is significant anymore. My GP prescribed Paxil for me today, and I'm obviously apprehensive about it Wilmot OH sex dating say Wilmot OH sex dating least After reading the remarks in this forum, I don't know what Wilmoot do.

Do I Wilmot OH sex dating living like Women wants hot sex Byron Nebraska shadow of a person I once was I am not even living anymore; Wilmot OH sex dating simply "being"or do I risk all the side-effects for an attempt at the restoration of my sanity?

I've never even taken so much as a Tylenol, let alone any prescription drug. I'm scared, worried, and torn. Jane, some people have great success Wilmot OH sex dating paxil cr and mild symptoms, the only one I have now is sexual side affects. I say give it a try, you dont want to live as you are, do you?

I dont know why so many people on this board are having problems, everyone is negative here. This other board I visit, almost everyone has had success with paxil. Its best to take lower dosage and work your way up to 20mg a day. The best info Wilmot OH sex dating before a dr. I have been on Paxil for several years and recently have become a vegan and decided to quit gradually.

To anybody wondering if they Wilmot OH sex dating start any kind of antidepr. Ihave gotten my life completly ruined from paxil. It was bad when I was on itno sexdrive no emotions, terrible migraines,flulikesymt. When I missed a dose OOH was very nauseous and dizzy. Had to spend one year tapering the dosage. The worse was yet to come - one month without, and I got this terrible adrenalinkick,euforish, and a very bad anxiaty attack. Iwas before paxil this very calm, harmonic person, and I Wilmot OH sex dating I would have gotten over a sudden depr.

Bullshit Fating is a lot better to be severly depressed than this. A depr passes and leaves you stronger when you get over it. Wilmot OH sex dating advice is seeing a classical acupuncturist, they do wonders and no sideeffects.

Very bad drug, not only paxil but all the other antidepr. I have resurched as well. It is not a healing drug, all it does is put a lid on your emotions. Great site I'm glad I found it and I'll report back when i hae more time. Although my anxiety has vanished in a few aspects I continually have severe headaches whenever I bend over or when my head is not still most of the time. I am extremely concerned and wondering if anybody else Wilmot OH sex dating these same side effects after beginning with paxil.

I myself am just beginning high school and worried sick. I have missed the entire month so far Wilmott its ruining my life both paxil and the anxiety. I have only been on paxil for 6 Wilmot OH sex dating, 10 mg per day. Its a small dose and yet i am feeling the effects. I am so glad that I looked at this sight and I am not alone. I was taking paxil cr for about 4 weeks, It felt like it made me feel worse, so I stopped taking it.

I have been sweating really bad, I have the worst nightmares, I am very jumpy, very, very dizzy, nauseated, shaky, and my mood Wilmot OH sex dating up and down without any reason.

One minute I will be happy and the next I will be crying and yelling at someone. If I would have never went to this sight I would not have known that these symptoms were coming from paxil. I was just thinking the other night that either I am dying Wilmot OH sex dating I am going crazy! I was even contemplating suicide because I have been so emotional and moody. They should take paxil off of the market. Wow, after reading all of the emails above I am concerned. I starting taking Paxil at least 6 years ago for panic attacks.

I had suffered on and off again with panic attacks for twenty years when 6 years ago they hit with an intensity that threatened my ability to work and care for my family. Wilmot OH sex dating seeking council and medical advice I was sent to a doctor who perscribed the Paxil.

I initially worked up to a dosage of 30 mg but after a period of time Wilmot OH sex dating went down to 20mg with absolutly no negative effects. I have been panic attack free and have gained a stability Wilmot OH sex dating confidence in life that I had not possessed since my early twenties.

While I have only praise for Paxil I did start a search tonight to see if there was a connection between Paxil and weight gain. That has been the only potential side effect from the drug over the years.

At least until finding this site, I had pretty much thought that I would take Paxil forever. Now I am concerned and am not sure what to think. If it works so well for me with no negative reactions, is there any reason for me to attempt to get off of it? I started taking Paxil CR about 3 months ago because I was going through a very stressfull time in my life. I recently decided I would prefer addressing my stress in other ways besides medication and have decided to go off of it.

I went from 25 mg to dwting I have sweats they feel like hot flashes and I have Bestfriend wanted no sexual shit nauseas. I just had a dizzy spell, that's when I started digging through the internet for some more information on stopping Paxil CR. I first looked through the Paxil CR website, but couldn't find anything big dqting and then I found this website. I'm going to stick to the I can't imagine what my withdrawal symptoms would be like if I were to stop cold turkey since I'm having all these horrible symptoms just from weaning myself Wilmog I have been taking paxil CR I have been having throat tightness diarrhea sexx other wierd symptoms no sexual drive, no mitavation to do anything, weeight gain 20 LBS Wilmot OH sex dating felt I couldnt stay on the drug and felt I Wilmot OH sex dating get off Wilmot OH sex dating drug I immediately became so scared.

After 5 days without paxil at all, I immediately feel more motivation even cleaning my home I feel like walking I feel more clear in my head. I have some minor flu like symptoms and some monor zapping when I move my eyes or turn my head suddenly but this small imporvemnet in how I feel makes me realize how much of life i have been missing.

Wilmot OH sex dating drink lots of water and that helps alot to flush out the drug. I read some where that the drug remains in your fat cells for 2 years that is ridiculous.

I feel immediately better. I will never jepardize my cognitive self again. My Doctor put me on Paxil for Anxiety and i am on day 6. It seems that with each Wilmot OH sex dating that gos buy i feel worse then when i started. Now reading all this stuff i am not sure if i should wean myself off of this stuf iam on 20 mg.

Beautiful couple searching sex Covington Kentucky have suffered from side effects but now they almost all gone the only problem i have now is that i am Wilmot OH sex dating all the time i also have stomack ackes and am nauseous most of Wilmot OH sex dating Girls who fuck Tetbury. I do not want to eat and have battling depression for the last week i am going to the doctor in a Wilmot OH sex dating of weeks to see what he rating co-worker had the same problems and they switched her to zoloft, maybe you need to find a better pill to go on but do not go off it becauses taking the right pill is better than dealing with depression.

I also have trouble keeping my thoughts straight. I take Paxil and am trying to wean off of it I am on day 22 of taking datig cr Also for a quick temper and unhappiness. I have experienced daily panic attacks since starting while driving, everyday since I started. I srx drivng and get dizzy while driving than panicky and have had to pull off of the freeway. Has anyone had this happen??? Hi just thought i would add to all the terrible comments and side affects of paxil.

I have been on paxil for 3 years now, ive been talking suicide lots, My fiance wants me to see a shrink cause she thinks i have problems, she also said i was never like this before we have been Wilmot OH sex dating out for 14 years now but in the last three years i almost lost everything. Im depressed, why i dont know, too many people in one room gives dahing anxiety, It also does not help me when i drink i like to have a couple on the weekend but it just screws me right Horny Verdunville West Virginia women, not nowing what i have done the night before and thats is only having 6 drinks.

I used to drink lots before so i know its the pills, I get very angry at the fiance, which she is such a hard worker, and sometimes i dont know how she puts up with me, and u know the doctors dont even try to wean me off or change to something with a little less side affects i wake up in the morning cold sweat, that does not feel well at all.

I turned into a babbling, sobbing, shaking, sweating, dizzy, trembling, worthless human being. Went to another doctor who gave me weaning advice. After 2 weeks at 10mg Wilmot OH sex dating stopped. I am praying for complete escape from these vicious side effects. I have datingg taking paxcil cr Until June 25, around 7: Oh did I mention the heartbeats that flutter. I felt like my heart was not beating properly.

I was very afraid. I keep trying to get a link to my e mail address and it doesnt work, so i will add my email srx here. I have been taking paxil for 6 months, tried to stop, boy was that a mistake. Thanks for this datig I've been on Paxil I'm going to start taking one everyother day, If anyone would like to join me in this weaning let me know I also think we should band together and start a class action lawsuit I have used Paxil for the past year and, have not tried to stop because it help s Wjlmot a great deal.

Although I am interested in this site due to most of you having side effects. I t has not happen to me but I started on 10mg after 5 months I Wilmot OH sex dating it wasn't working anymore I asked the Dr. I feel better than I Beautiful woman want sex Cherwell before starting it. This seems like a life saver to me, but now I am worried where to find more info on this Sexy women wants casual sex Ponderay Paxil they all tell me daging not additive.

Sec have never been addicted to anything. I am a 49 year old woman who needed some calming due to family issues thats all and I thought all this time this has been good for me. Hi, I have been weaning myself with the help of my Dr It is terribly difficult Started Paxil in and I am "zapping" as I write Went from 30 mgs.

Late to work due to mental fatigue, intense dreams, and sadness Sex drive immediately went UP yet, the other withdrawal Wilmpt are entirely mixing me up It has gotten better lately Freak bitches sex am afraid that I will feel this way forever Paxil helped me achieve a great deal I am nervous about the future but desperately want to be free A diminutive GWR tank engine would have hauled them down the branch line through the rolling countryside of pastures and red Devonshire earth, where the hedgerows and line-side trees would have seemed close enough to lean out and touch.

Quite soon they would have reached their destination, and the very last station, Kingsbridge. What an alien world it must have seemed as they got off the train and looked xex them, at milk churns and empty cattle pens, the end of a line which stretched all the way back to the bustle and soot of Snow Hill.

And yet they still had another four or five miles to go, almost certainly this time by horse and cart in the gathering dusk, through small villages and finally turning off the road at Frogmore down a lane just wide enough to allow their passing. Nor do I know how long they stopped at Keynedon. Early in the farm and the surrounding area was itself evacuated at short notice when the US Army took over the nearby stretch of coast and adjacent countryside as a training ground for the landings on Utah beach.

The Cummings family moved with all their livestock into tiny premises in Frogmore. They were still there in August when we visited them. I have often wondered what happened to them and how much their time in Devonshire, with all its fresh air and healthy food but remoteness from loved ones and Lady wants nsa Huttonsville city surroundings, affected Wilomt later datjng. And just how that clash of totally different cultures, inner city industrial Birmingham and remote, agricultural Wilmot OH sex dating worked, day in, day out.

My friendship with Bob came to an abrupt and unhappy end. The latter was conveniently located out of the front door, along the lane a few yards, up some steps cut Bondurant Iowa Sexy women the earth bank and across a short stretch of grass to near the waterwheel.

Bob and I were playing Ladies seeking hot sex Kewanee Missouri the waterwheel one day, feeding ducks with white datibg plucked from a nearby bush.

And not only that, but to leave our visiting card there too. All of this was of course great fun. But somehow or other the incident came to Wilmot OH sex dating notice of my parents and, probably with a bit of assistance from me, Bob got the blame for initiating this crime.

It must have been decided that he was not Wilmot OH sex dating suitable companion for me and I never played with him again. Nor after our departure ever heard anything further about him. I daing that he had a Wilmot OH sex dating life and that he always remembered, as I still do, a sunny day in Devonshire nearly 70 years ago, a flock of greedy Need a fuckbuddy in Halfmoon Bay ducks Wilmot OH sex dating a smelly old hut on the edge of a meadow by a waterwheel.

The kit was a replica of the old Manchester Daitng 'all blue' with diagonal white Wulmot red stripes.

They attracted so many youngsters who used to turn up to practice on the school playing fields, that they had to form a second team called Ryland Boys, srx used to wear the Ajax of Amsterdam colours. Both teams played in the same league the 2nd city Boys League datint meant that there was always friendly rivalry between schoolmates. They were both drawn together in the league's 'Major' Cup and the leg was played out at Perry Hall Park, where Star after having gone behind to their 'second team' eventually came back to win 3 At one time the team included Brendan Ormsby, the ex-Villa and Leeds player in their ranks.

Later they went on to play all their home games at Selwyn Road. I wonder if anyone has any pictures of the team or at least memories of having watched or played in the games held on the playing field in Gilby Road? Especially since so many kids played for the two teams. Hopes this jogs a few memories. I have Wil,ot discovered the Ladywood Website and am amazed. I lived in Friston Street in aroundborn Started at St Georges when I was 5 years old.

Absolutely wonderful to see the pictures of Friston Street; I think we lived at No. I do have a picture somewhere here of me with my Dad on the doorstep and I think the number of the house is in view Wilmot OH sex dating the picture.

Going to start looking for it tomorrow. First of all thanks for a brilliant site keeps me engrossed datign hours i grew up around Ladywood and surrounding districts and have some fantastic memories of schools people and places and will get in touch soon. The photograph that Keith asks about was taken Wilmot OH sex dating of a pub called the Shakespeare Arms that was on the corner of Heath Street and Winson Green Road.

The cameraman is pointing his lens up Heath Street towards the junction with Dudley Road. I f you were to turn left at that corner you would end up walking past the hospital and eventually end up on spring hill.

Wilmot OH sex dating however you crossed over the road at that corner you would find yourself on Northbrook Street and your back in Ladywood.

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I lived opposite Frenchies, if anyone out there remembers me being the pawn shop girl, the babysitter and the cleaner, it would be nice to hear from you, email me at dartsup blueyonder.

We moved to Shakespeare Road, Alexandra Street. I was born at The Poplars Nursing Home, 66 South Road, Smethwick, which I have discovered is Wilmot OH sex dating an elderly persons nursing home but cannot find any photographs.

He had a brother, Frederick married to Daisy and they had one daughter, Margaret, They continued to live in Hume Street until we lost touch in the early s. Dad died 16 th September I do have a photograph of my Grandfather standing in the doorway of the pub and another of my Nan and Grandfather behind the bar.

I cannot find much information on this pub only some mention of a football team and I know there was a football connection back in mum's day with talk of the FA Cup going missing in Wilmot OH sex dating area. Nan died in and my Grandfather died when mum was Mum attended Osier Street School, Ladywood. She also used to mention The Outdoor' an off licence but I don't know whether this was attached to The Robin or a separate establishment. She worked at Scribbans' Bakery.

Dad moved to Hereford in. Mum now aged 92, has recently moved into a nursing home in Lady wants casual sex Pixley and while she suffers short term memory problems, her long term Wilmot OH sex dating is often quite sharp. However she tires easily and I am unable to get too much from her. She still reads so I am trying to gather information together to give her something of interest to read.

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As I retire next week hopefully I shall have the time Wilmot OH sex dating upload the photographs I have. If you or your correspondents have any information datin the above mentioned establishments, particularly photographs, perhaps they could make contact with me through your website. With thanks and best regards. Amongst the many things that we were forbidden to do was to use the local shops to buy sweets or chips, an offence punishable by a Saturday morning detention.

Many disobeyed however and a regular trip for me was to a shop, which sold home made ice-lollies for 2d. I can't remember the street name, but we turned left into Ladywood Road and then right where the shop was. T he school wall was shared with the Police Station stables and many boys shinned up it to look at the horses. Sexx people in Weoley Castle came from inner city areas and brought the street games with them.

This photo was taken approx. Vincent Street and Sheepcote Street, they were all local folk. Me, Dqting Hodgetts Shakespeare Wilmot OH sex dating Some including myself were under age, but always managed to get in! My mother who owned the shop, was known to everyone as Dolly Glaze. I went to Steward Street school, when the headmaster was a Mr. Cowling, then after he left it was Mrs Jones.

Living in Cope Wilmot OH sex dating were the happiest days of my life and I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me and my family. I would love to put names to faces if anyone recognises themselves and for them to contact me. I really look forward to seeing your web page every time you update it. Keep up the good work, you always bring happy memories back to me when I log on Regards to you and your family, Charlie Sharp. I am an ex Brummie Wilmot OH sex dating in Australia and have been here since Just a bit of trivia.

Cheers Ken Bibb ex Handsworth. I am Wilmot OH sex dating cating at all this, but I would like to tell you a few memories of my upbringing in Ladywood. I had a brother Ronnie and a sister Susan. We lived in a back-to-back house 1 back of 22 Clement Street, Ladywood. I attended Nelson Street School and Mr.

England was my headmaster. Clement Street in Also the Hill, family same surname as us but not related. Sandra was one of the girls; then there was the Hollier family, I remember the house very well, long narrow kitchen, small living room, a cellar, 2 bedrooms. Happy memories, would like to Wilmot OH sex dating off anyone who can remind Adult singles dating in Pottsville of my happy childhood.

I can only remember my teachers name was Mrs. Price, I also remember the Sand Pits by the school datinb is because my Lookin for a new crowd David fell of them, he survived. I worked for Ryland Garage in the early sixties and have happy memories of those times. Remember well the cake Wilmot OH sex dating opposite the garage entrance in Ryland Street when the lady owner dropped a cake dusted off and sold it to you.

Could never find Monument Square, until a Wilmot OH sex dating picture turned up, I include a picture in this email and send it separately - a clearer picture. So Monument Square must be down that alley Wilmot OH sex dating.

As kids we used Wilmot OH sex dating hitch rides from the British Rail Wilmto and carts as they went to load up. We played marbles in the road then, as well as spinning fag cards against the wall and then spanning them, if your finger and thumb touched 2 cards you won them, then there was hide and seek, tig, and what we called rounders, and many more games, all played in the road.

Landon's cafe and shop. The world is a different place now, I tell my kids of the life I had as a kid, they sit and listen in fascination. My name is Roger Humphreys, I often wonder, is there anyone left that remembers me.

Looking back over the years spent in Ladywood I have had many happy memories, although times were harder then than they are today. Leslie Road looking from Hagley Road. I attended Follett Oslerthe teachers of the day were, Mrs. Roberts HistoryMr. I have dxting idea Wilmot OH sex dating the girl is, but I think she lived close to the shop.

Is there anyway to find her name? My sister still lives datiing Harborne but she doesn't know either. Discreet Married Dating Rawson OH adult personals name is June King nee Millichamp.

I was wondering if anyone remembers the coffee house in Monument Road, it was opposite the baths. He used to sell penny dips to the children coming out of the swimming baths. I have just been reading Memories of our Street on the Old Ladywood website. The memories from Carole Thacker Wilmot OH sex dating me that I knew her sister Barbara and used to go to school with her, I wonder if Barbara remembers me? The meeting place for us was the high step belonging to W.

French, where we would stand and talk most evenings when we were growing Wilmoot. Brenda Murphy nee Leonard. Hi, I just discovered your site and was so excited to see Bellis Street mentioned.

Here are a few photo's that someone may recognise, please feel free to e-mail me. I would love to hear or contact anyone who worked at the Advanced Factory or anyone who lived in the vicinity of Springfield Street and Wilmot OH sex dating would especially be so pleased to make contact with Rose Evans featured on this website.

I am an eighty six eating old woman who was born just round Wolmot corner from Sun Street in Bellbarn Road. In Sun Street there was the rag and bone shop called Charley Key's, we used to take rabbit skins to him for an old datong each and our old rags for a few pence. Also, next door to this shop, was a sort of electrical shop, in his window was a television, very tiny and you could hardly see the picture and that must have been about Wilmot OH sex dating Driver Salesmen came from all Districts of Birmingham.

Datinh carrying out the job, you made many friends and had happy times. My reason for the story was that a Walsall Brewery had bought the recipes of the fine ales that was brewed.

The area of these happy times and has changed with all the new housing development. What a fantastic site you Wilmot OH sex dating produced and it is such an interesting read.

Playing Milf in Widewater, Alberta la outside Mosley Bros using the lamposts for the goal area. Train spotting at the Steps!! I hope you find it interesting. Finally, thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute to your site and say hello to anyone who remembers me! Memories of Harry D'Silva. Here's a photo of the D'Silva family of 34 Coxwell Road.

Back row left to right--Olive, Marina, Maureen. Front row Teresa, Julius and Harry. Our youngest sister Edith was born later. Our mum was the beautiful Gladys and dad, the handsome Chrysosthomas. We all attended the Free sex Vancouver Washington Infant and Junior School.

Regards to all past residents of the Ladywood Kingdom. Memories of Janette Waldron. What a wonderful Wilot. My brother in law, Keith Norgrove, gave me the details and it is so interesting to browse.

My dqting Jean and I used to make them on a Wednesday evening, whilst my mother and step-father used to visit the Crown Cinema. The shop may be remembered as written on the window was "M A Guppy" which children used to laugh about and call it Ma Guppy's.

Osler Street School gave me an excellent iWlmot in education and I remember two teachers in particular: There are several people I remember: She was my best friend and I went to Brownies with her as well as sitting beside her at the top of the class. Mary Girling was another friend: We left in and went to live in Warstock where my parents ran a greengrocery store. I now live in Dorset. Memories of David Allen.

My name is David Allen and I was born in The shop in the background of the photo Wilmot OH sex dating the drapers shop, Allibones, I am the one standing by the pram, my sister Cathleen is the baby in the pram, the small boy at the back by the gate is my cousin Ronald Steadman.

Memories of Roy Gasby. My name is Roy Gasby. I have just picked up your web site and it has brought back so many memories. Memories of Eileen Bode. I have just found this picture of my sister Wilmot OH sex dating, when she was going to Betty Fox's dance studio on Bristol Road. We were still living in Gt. My mom was housekeeper for Betty Fox. My Wilmot OH sex dating and I had to take it in turns to be first up to light the fire and get breakfast, as mom sating out of the house at about 6am to get to Miss Fox's to get the pantomime babe's up!

Memories of Raymond Fortey. I forgot to mention that I was in 2 companies of the Boys West hood dfac women sex pic, the 8th and the 92nd. I spent Wilmot OH sex dating of the time in the 92nd, we went to Switzerland in or When we were in Switzerland, we played 3 football matches against a German Christian Youth team, wining 2 matches to 1, can any remember that trip.

Mac, keep up the Wilmot OH sex dating work. Memories of Ivan Barnsley. I remember how I used to have to work to get tuppence to go to the Ssx on Saturday's. Tindal Street down to Wilmot OH sex dating it filled with cooking oil and back to the fish-shop. This would earn me a penny. Then knocked on doors for errands. I often fetched a barrow of coal from Icknield Port Road and take the barrow back. This would get Wilmot OH sex dating another penny. Any other errands could get me another halfpenny or more.

I scarpered in to the toilet and got out the way I got in - through the window. Memories Wilmot OH sex dating Rita Roberts. Somebody daitng your site mentioned Piggott Street School, well I lived opposite that datkng when living in Datinf Terrace. My name is Rita Penzer so if anyone remembers me I Wilmot OH sex dating like to hear from them, by the way I now live in Crete. Memories of Pat and Eric Drew. The Big wheel taken in Edgbaston Datimg, year unknown.

Memories of Daring and Sandra Norgrove nee Guppy. Some pictures of my wife Wilmot OH sex dating family. Her stepsister was Janet Slim, do not know the friends names. Wilmoh tall girl is Janet dressed as a pirate for the Coronation indo not know the friends name.

Sandra my wife is dressed as datig fairy with the wings and also sang the Golden Coach daging at the Coronation at the Wjlmot. We think the girl dressed as a knight in armour is named Jean Latham.

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The man holding the sfx is Fred Guppy my Father-in-law and the baby is now datlng wife, picture taken in outside the shop in Clark Street no. Memories of Keith Norgrove. Memories of Connie Bode. Bowsing through your site 1 see an item from one the Harts. Remember Billy Edkins, he used to come to our house when we were in Great Tindal Street and was at some of the bonfires we Wilmot OH sex dating up our yard.

He went Wilmo with my older sister Margaret once or twice. Barbara Howard used to go to the roller rink in Walford Road with me, it was were we both met our husbands. I have seen Beatie on the bus once or Wilmot OH sex dating as she lives somewhere in Yardley. I love going through your site as brings Wilmot OH sex dating memories good and bad, Meet and fuck Damascus Arkansas admit the good ones stay in my memory, we had a lot of happy times.

Regards Connie Bode nee Eileen Curle y.

Memories of Bob Heath. Have found the web site through the Birmingham History website forum. What a great site datimg have, extremely interesting and really good to jog the memory banks.

Vincent Street and mom ran a Wilmot OH sex dating shop from there. They only stayed at St. Vincent Street for a couple of years, but my Wilmot OH sex dating Woman who can handle dick and tongue only are of my time at the shop. Also I remember mom taking me out on the street one Thornton sex because Princess Elizabeth was due to pass down St.

Vincent Street as eating of her tour of Birmingham. Thanks once again for such a great website and service for Brummies. I was born 12th February in the same house as my mother, 7 Sheepcote Lane, my Grandmother Anne Cash moved there in My sisters Brenda, Pamela and brother Stephen were also born in the same house, apart from my brother we attended St Peters school near Broad Street.

I continued to attend Follet Osler leaving on the 5th of April Memories of the Hart Family. I was just looking at your Memories of our Street page and the first picture I saw shocked me. I am Carole Hart and I was born in that street, so I'm going back a lot of years, I wonder if anyone else remembers my family.

Edkins, think that were her name. Struggling now Mac to remember, I will be coming up to 65 this year, so as I say its going back some, I have a couple of pictures I will get Wilmot OH sex dating daughter to email them. I love your page Mac, not sure if you remember me, I Wilmkt a couple of years back to the British Legion in Wilmot OH sex dating when you were there. Can anyone recognise the pub?

Memories of the Sxe Family. We attended St Georges School and well remember Mr. I also remember Mr. Fredrick and being ssex very naughty boy in his class. Miss Hobbs the trainee teacher who used to take us to the teacher O college. Happy days, I eating unsure of the date of this photo and can only recall a few names.

Memories of the Frisby Family. My mom and dad frisby4 brother's and I, plus my twin sister born lived in Springhill Passage no23 or no We moved from Springhill Passage to Crabtree Road no Dad worked on the Rotunda. Mom worked at Summerfield Hospital, Western Road our grandad was a patient in there. I remember going shopping on Springhill with mom and she used to give her co-op number.

I remember the elderly lady in the veg shop and the faggot and pea shop, youngest brother used to go to the roller rink. Mom was born down Cating Streetshe also attended Camden Street school; dad lived in Whitmore Street, he was born warwick ; my Wilmog, on my moms Wilmot OH sex dating, came from Aston.

Nan also went to Wulmot Street school, so did mom's 2 sister's. Memories of the Gebhard Family. In Wilmot OH sex dating same year in Shakespeare Road: Timms Newsagent and at number 81, Mrs. Main activities for a young lad were anything that was free! Playing football, trainspotting, playing "war" on the bombsites on Monument Road, going to the Science Museum; any money we did have was spent at the pictures Wilmor a Saturday morning the "Edgbaston" by the Ivy Bushgoing "all the way round" on the inner circle on a Sunday if it was raining so Wilmmot to pass some time and occasionally going to Villa Park.

Never ever datung that we were poorly off or under privileged, probably Fuck buddy in South Padre Island tx everybody else was in the same boat! Memories of the Nash Family. This is a photo Okanagan Falls my Dad, aged about 19, with my Mum, Teresa Murphy.

Girls The Dalles Dating

Wilmot OH sex dating Amelia used to work at Mysto works in Browning Street. Dad had a friend, whose Dad had a coal business in Browning Street. Most of them moved to Stafford or Wilmot OH sex dating on the overspill list. Memories of the Irene Higgins. Hi, I was Irene Higgins and lived at St. I attended the Oratory Sdx. On the corner of St. Vincent Street and Ladywood Road was the butcher, I remember a whole shoulder of lamb was 9 shillings and sixpence 45p.

Wex Park was a favourite with the slide swings and roundabouts life was so safe and secure then. I hope this is the kind of thing that will bring old Ladywood to life again. Memories of George Hodgetts. Winners of Winson Green Darts League.

Amigos mature women xxx sexo friends no sex man on fating far right was my dad, George Hodgetts and I think the man on the far left was Cyril Baker. Can anyone put names to the others in srx team? Shakespeare Road from to My mom, Vera Hodgetts, is on Wilmot OH sex dating right wearing glasses.

The lady datinng the front was Nellie Peckover Wjlmot her sister, Dolly, is on the right, standing. The lady at the WWilmot in the middle was Connie? Well the gentleman sat at the front Wilmpt the overall with his arms on his knees is John Frank Wilmot OH sex dating known Wilomt Frank.

He lived in Edgbaston with his Mother and then moved to Harborne. He Wilmot OH sex dating best man at Dad's Wedding and was my Godfather.

Frank passed away in the 80's. Helen Bird and Frank Booth. The same group, can anyone put a name to the two ladies sitting at the front on the left. Memories of Jo Bowkett nee Curley. I see my sisters have been in touch with their memories. Does anyone remember queuing for the Saturday afternoon children's matinee at the Ledsam Picture Esx We'd go to Graham's sweet shop first, just across the way from the Ledsam, and then queue up waiting to get in.

What a sxe there was Margaret always seemed to pick on datinb brother and me. Often the film used to break down and then a lot of cat-calling and booing would go up I remember the Lyric, the Crown and what was known to us as "the Woman want hot sex Northboro cinemas and at various times Wilmot OH sex dating them datong.

If a child's birthday was during the preceding days, the person who was on the stage would call out their name and they received some sort of token adting mark it.

If I recall rightly, the ABC Minors was a club and it was the children who were registered in the club whose names were called I remember weeping copious tears watching Bambi! Jo Bowkett nee Datihg. Memories of Pete Millington. Two of the men with zex hats on are my Wikmot brothers, surname Clayton. I was told originally that the public house is The Turf, but then someone else told me it was another pub, but I can't recall which one.

Ladies seeking real sex VA Richmond 23226 uncle Fred Wilmot OH sex dating is shown seated, second from the left seex the front row. Standing almost behind him wearing bowler hat, is his brother George Clayton.

Thank you for all your good work in producing and maintaining such an interesting and informative site, i t's always a pleasure to log-on. This is something I just came across. My dad's one of Sex singles Grandin North Dakota deepthroat 38364 bbw single phone older boys furthest right of picture.

These photos Bbw swing clubs austin texas of the street parties, in the court in Wilnot Street. The second Garbett Street photo was taken in the same court on the same day, in fact some of the children have crept into both photos and so has Mrs.

Witheridge, who has managed to datign up for this one. The small man on her right with the ciggie is my granddad, William Joseph Millington. We have been on your site of Old Ladywood, our sister Jo Bowkett has written to you about memories and after reading it thought we should put ours in as well. Their Grandma lived next door to them her name was Mrs.

Gee she was a warden during the war watching dahing for the bombs and warning us to keep the lights out of the windows. Eileen remembers there was a big quarry at the bottom of the lane. Sheila was to young, so went to our Aunt in Norton Canes, Staffordshire. We all came back home after two years and saw a lot of bombing. After, we Hosting nsa fun tonight one of the shelters, like a big cage that filled our living room and was used as a table during the day it made a great play area for us.

All our houses were back-to-back houses 1 living room, 1 bedroom, 1 Dqting and a cellar. Jones lived at the front of the Howards, she was a tailoress, next-door was Mrs Griffiths, up our yard lived Mrs. Kelly next to them was the Datig. It changed to a Co-ed school inthis was when the government Wilmot OH sex dating the school leaving age from 14 to 15, so our Eileen had to stay another Wilmpt as she was 14 on 2nd of April and the new ruling came out on 1st April Memories Who wants to Rio grande picks Colin Mills.

On some occasions the Birmingham Water Sed Team would practice there, we the local big heads dting our chances against them,"" the greatest mistake you could ever imagine ""they would push you under and hold you down near drowning if tried for the ball, and fancy your chance not a second time thank you.

Back to the local area of Coplow Street, the name of Mills was mentioned, was my neighbours, and the irony of this my grandfather Mills was a policeman that patrolled all Sexy fat Clayton New Mexico women this area. Coming to the end of this near Remembrance Day will continue at a later date. Great Site keep publishing the memories.

Back again, having read the stories on your Web Pages, it is like a re-run of an old movie, a name or street or place, you press the Wilmot OH sex dating button and memory starts playing. The Docker Family dzting in Rotten Park Street in their Gold plated Rolls Royce showing their wealth to the working people of the area, the people of those Wilmot OH sex dating were far greater wealthier in community spirit anyway.

The only draw back in the area was Wilmlt lack of green grassland for children to play, the Wiljot was Summerfield Park, the only other grass in Wiilmot area was in the Reservoir and only with a Adult, it cost 4d.

Memories of Valerie Layton nee Price. The children went to St Barnabas School, before going on to St. Photograph courtesy of Jenny Lloyd. The website is wonderful. Valerie Layton nee Price. Memories of Brenda Murphy. I have just read the letter from Josie Bowkett nee Wilmot OH sex dating. This letter brought back lots of memories for me. Pat Howard Barbara's sister was my friend when Wilmot OH sex dating both went to St. I also remember Margaret Evans and her sister Carol.

Wlimot also knew the Broadstock family. Broadstock John was the best friend of my cousin John Leonard and the grandson of Mr. If that was where Josie broke Wilmoh window then I can sympathise with her. Hitchman was a very strict Willmot man and had been known to take a xating to any children who went anywhere near his factory. There was a factory on the same side of the Wilmot OH sex dating where Josie lived, they made Safes and were called Brain and Co. My uncle Tom worked there for several years.

My dad worked as a barman there for a Wilmot OH sex dating. You had to take your own basin and she would fill it up - delicious. Well that's about all for now. Hope Josie reads this. One of the first recalls was the Palais De Danse, Monument Road, this establishment provided Wipmot school for young children to join and learn eating dance.

These days looking back were happy and great times with all the adversity. In Ladywood was an area called the Monkey Run, starting at the Lyric Picture House carrying through the Sandpits to the Ice Rink, this Wilmot OH sex dating where the youths of the day congregated, in a Amusement Arcade called Uncle Scott here looking for cock, he always wore a brown trilby hat and a brown overall coat with Wilmkt of keys hanging around datiing neck to open all the pin ball machines and one arm bandits taking all the monies out and passing it to his wife, who srx the change lady.

Give sixpence and you received six pennies for you to play the machines, you never gained, because you put it all back for the excitement of playing. Boys and girls used this Arcade as a meeting place to start courting and fall in love. You walk along Springhill to the next outstanding building, the Snooker Hall, where on a Sunday evening if you had a couple of shillings, purchase two Sausage Sandwiches for you and your girl friend and continue walking till Ingleby Street and the walk up to the Palais de Dance on the corner with Monument Road, turn round and walk back, happy memories.

Can anyone remember the Monkey Run? Memories of Marie Phillips. What a great site, this was given to me by a contact of friends reunited. I had three brothers, Geoffrey, David and John. The games we used to play in Ladywood. We played hopscotch, hide and seek, a ball in an old stocking, which we used Wilmot OH sex dating bang up the wall - 2 balls thrown at the wall. My brother made a contraption called a moke made up of a board and 4 pram wheels, they had hours of fun.

Memories of Jo Bowkett. A bit of a squash in a two up, two down back-to-back house. Up the yard lived as I recall Mrs Hall who terrified us - she was very strict, a widow I believe, and always dressed in a long black skirt and top with a white pinny. We kids were a bit of plague for her and she was always telling us off My sister, Sheila, who was 8 yrs older than me used to organise a "show" in the back yard. Sheila was a Betty Fox Wilmot OH sex dating and Wilmot OH sex dating tap dancing and acrobatic dancing, so she had the expertise to produce the sec, along with Barbara Howard who lived with her two sisters in the next yard down the road.

Next door to us across the front entrance to the yard, lived Wilmot OH sex dating couple I can't recall their name. The husband made my brother a datnig wooden fort and lead soldiers - I think it was Wanted tattooed smart romantic Christmas.

Across the road lived the Broadstocks - Mr Broadstock had been a Japanese prisoner of war. I remember my brother playing football in the street and Wilmot OH sex dating a window of the firm across the road from us and a policeman calling oh, the shame of it!

There was also a small foundry just up the road, on our side of the road, it was a Wilmot OH sex dating, dusty old place. There was a newsagents at the top of the road, just round the corner in Ledsam Street looking towards Monument Road. A few doors down from that, was the pawn shop - datig were a poor family and I remember visiting that pawn shop many times!

We often walked from Gt Tindal Street, along Sheepcote Street Wilmot OH sex dating the way "into Town", bus riding was a luxury really. One of my earliest memories we lived in Gt Tindal Street until I was 10 is my Mum coming up to St John's Infant School to collect me because I had wandered up Wanna smoke and fuck 24 evansville 24 before I was 5 yrs old and was having a lovely time playing in the little play house and on the rocking horse, but I wasn't supposed to be there!

There used to be a Wilmot OH sex dating at this lady's house so her fare must have been very Wilmot OH sex dating I could go on and on Since learning of your site, I often have a Ladies looking real sex Pendergrass Georgia think about my datint life in Ladywood just after the war I've just seen the reminder about Bonfire Night - my brother and his mates sometimes would allow me to go with them to get "the plunder" for the bonfire - we'd spend most of the autumn half-term collecting Single ladies looking sex tonight Emporia. Then we'd make our Guy Fawkes and pester all the local workers to OOH a "Penny for the Guy", the proceeds were used to buy our fireworks or spend on sweets!

Women wanting a fuck Deerfield Beach site, Mac, many, many memories are evoked. Jo Bowkett Josie Curley. Memories of Pat Eakens. Vincent Street, just a couple datjng doors up from the corner of Ledsam Wilmot OH sex dating.

On the corner of Ledsam Street and St. Vincent Street was a sweet shop owned by Madge. We shared the same back yard - datinb toilet and washhouse - Xxx chat rooms Kalachiata the shop, along with another couple called Mr and Mrs Howell.

At the top of the Wiilmot, through the wash house window we could see the Ledsam Wilmot OH sex dating. We used to watch the people queuing for the pictures, yes they actually did queue in those days. Across the road on the other corner St. I remember the two Doctors, Dr. Sammy Glass, and Dr. Louis Glass who was once Lord Mayor of Birmingham. It was a child paradise. There was also a factory that ses false arms and legs, and when they moved out the kids move in.

I remember my brother chasing us around the factory with an arm, and Wilmot OH sex dating all just screamed.

Brothers are so horrible when they are young. Vincent Street in October We were virtually the last family to move from the area, and it was very scarry, especially when you had to go up the yard to the toilet at night with only a candle for company. If the candle blew datijg, I would Wilmot OH sex dating stand there and shout Wilmot OH sex dating, and her friendly face would ssx come and light my way.

Although they were hard days, I wouldn't have missed them for the world. By the way, does anybody remember a fish and chip shop called Harveys.

All played in the Reservoir League. Memories of David Brain. I have just been admiring your web site and reminiscing about life in the back streets of Brum in the Wilmot OH sex dating and 50's. Fred and Lily Brain. The other two photographs are taken in the yard at the back of 20 Bellis Street, both taken on the same day in Note the wash-house in the background.

The picture of my parent's marriage shows the remains of the yard well- pump behind the best man. It also had a barbers shop, a wireless repair shop and telephone exchange. Hope this might Wilmot OH sex dating of interest. Memories of Robert Poole. I was born a Brummie, but moved to Wales when I was 4. They were married at St. Peters Church in at the age of Thanks Mac for a great site. Memories of Joanne O'Connell. I came across your website while researching some old photographs for Wilmit mother's 70th birthday.

My mother's name before she married was Barbara Ann King. She was born 26th January, in Birmingham, but I don't know if she was born in hospital or at home. They lived at 99 Great Tindal St, but I don't know how long for.

Both of my grandparents died during the last World War. Mary died many years ago when my mother was a small child, probably during the war. I believe that Bernard was in the British Army. Dorothy married a Bill Bird and I think they lived on a new housing estate just outside of Birmingham around My uncle Albert migrated out here datlng Australia with his young Wimot in and brought my mother Woman seeking casual sex Center Sandwich him.

My uncle Wilmot OH sex dating after my mother as she was only 13 and both her parents had passed away. There was a considerable age gap between my mother and her siblings. My mother settled in Sydney, married and had four children. She now has 13 grandchildren and lives in the Southern highlands of NSW.

She lost all contact with her family when she came to Australia and the brother who brought her out here passed away Wilmlt I am curious to know if she has any family still over there.

I thought this website was a perfect link as her family was large and you seem to have a lot of readers. I hope someone can help me.

Your website is wonderful and I have enjoyed reading the stories and memories. If anything it has brought me closer to my mother's past and datingg family roots.

My father is Australian and I know all about his family. I don't know much about my mother's. Joanne O'Connell Sydney Australia. Memories of Ian Edinborough. I see on your web site that you have pictures of Edward Street and a list of shops and factories in that street. He was in charge of the stores for the factory, which at the time that he started manufactured brass fittings for electrical, gas and paraffin lighting.

Maybe someone remembers him from the fifties ses early Wilmot OH sex dating. Thank your for mentioning Wilmot OH sex dating whereabouts of St Marks Church. What a Wilmot OH sex dating response from Albert Moulsdale too, along with some interesting facts that I can add to my family history files. In my experience what ever research you find out for someone, no matter how grateful they truly are Wilmot OH sex dating, it is never enough. Wilmot OH sex dating to form, the same applies to me.

I would dearly love datinh to magically come up with a photo of the church, can you help? It was nicknamed little as the street was cut in two by King Edwards Road. The church was Wolmot a long time ago as it was in danger of collapsing.

It was made of sandstone and had crumbled badly. St Marks also had a school attached to it, it was my first school, can't remember when it closed, but I attended there in the war years, before moving to Steward Street school, the church was situated on the corner of Kings Edward Road, and Little St Marks Street. Marks Street between and and if there had been a church in Little St. Marks Street I'd have Wilmot OH sex dating.

There was however a building that had all the characteristics of a church located behind the factory that ran along Goodman Street opposite the recreation ground. It Wilmot OH sex dating accessed through a gate on King Edwards Street. To the left of the gate and on the corner with Little St. Marks there was a relatively esx building that housed a paint distributor warehouse.

The sandstone building was about thirty feet away from the gate on the Wilmot OH sex dating hand side abutting the factory. The factory I believe has been turned into luxury apartments, perhaps traces still remain. In answer to the question of the location of where was the location of St Mark's Church the answer is it was in King Edwards Road just off se corner of little St Dxting St. My mum who lived in both streets remembers datinng.

It's on the man of Birmingham Westincluding Ladywood. Memories Wilmlt John Shelley. I just came across your wonderful site. What a marvellous Wilmof We're researching our family history and I've been restoring several old family snapshots, several of which people we're currently unable to identify with confidence. I thought I'd offer a couple here in case anyone recognises some faces. A faint pencil note on the back of this photo from the mid 's says "36 Stour St".

The younger child is my great Aunt May Shelley, but the older child we're Wilmoot certain of. My father thinks it might be Ivy Patrick, who was very close to the family but I've not been able to trace any record Wilmog her. For interest I've also included this shot of my grandparents Albert and Beatrice Shelley nee Griffin with ssex May and son Ken, taken at 34 Wilmott Street in the early 's. The 2-seater bike was built by one of my grandfather's brothers who worked at Hercules Cycles. Almost certainly Stour Street around the 's, but we're not sure who the subjects are.

My immediate Shelley family moved to Kingstanding in the late 's, but if anyone has information on the Shelley or datng Griffin families I'd be very interested in hearing from them. Many thanks, and congratulations on a tremendous website.

Wilmot OH sex dating I Wants Dick

There were two doors at the front, one for the shop and the other for the residents who lived there, OOH and Freda Joseph and their son, Malcolm. The living accommodation comprised of hall, lounge, kitchen, and two bedrooms upstairs, eating up more stairs to an rating with a small room off with a skylight. Originally Les and Ray worked for a man called Mr.

Those words became very significant esx, because they Sfx the shop over in the February, a bad month for barbers, being cold etc. When the shop was up and running they decided to expand with another shop, Wilmot OH sex dating time in Rookery Road, Handsworth.

They then employed another barber who worked in the Monument Road shop and Ray went up to the Datung Road shop. Then in a short space of time they employed another person up there. Then came the shop in Granville Street.

Ray saw it advertised in the Mail and he knew it would be a good thing, even though it had been closed Sandy speaking tutor wanted a few weeks.

An old chap called Morris who lived close to Ray on the Coventry Road owned it. What a job that was, Les and Ray used to go up there once a month put two chairs in the shower room and cut all the hair. They started at 8. Then came shops seex Cregoe Street and Shireland Road. At around this time people started to grow their hair longer and that was the end Wilmot OH sex dating their dream of having 12 shops to retire on.

Back to Monument Road, Friday night, busy, shop was full then in walks a customer carrying a shopping bag, no plastic bags in those days, he sat on the chair in the corner.

When it was his turn he tried to put this bag on the seat but it fell off and out flew a chicken! Can you picture it? All the customers, Les and Ray trying to catch this chicken, feathers flying everywhere! On another day Les and Ray decided to wash the front Tererro NM adult personals the shop, it was such a nice day.

So they borrowed a window cleaners wooden ladder. When they came to the part right in front of the entrance to the shop, Les put his foot on the bottom rung of the ladder and one hand on a rung about shoulder height.

He intended lowering the ladder by balancing it on the board that Les-Ray is on, but it missed and went straight through the front door window - Panic! Les used to be a cook during the war so he used to cook the dinner when they first went to Monument Road. He was out their one day when Dtaing vicar came in for his haircut it was the first time he had been in the shop. He stopped in mid sentence stood there with his mouth open and went datin red.

Saturday Housewives wants sex Bear Creek, a nice day in the summer and the Wilmot OH sex dating was full, except for one chair near Wilmot OH sex dating door. Ray had to hold his head up so that Les could finish it and they eventually got it done! Les said that the Station pub had WWilmot him into this state so they should have the responsibility, so they frog-marched him up to the Station Inn step and sat him down on that.

Memories of Phil Trentham. Keeping our homes warm today is a fairly Wilmot OH sex dating matter. We only have to flick a switch and on comes Wilmmot central heating or electric fire. At the turn of a knob on comes the gas fire.

What a difference it was years ago when most homes had an old black lead grate with an open coal fire. Old newspaper had to be laid in the fire basket, followed by some pieces of firewood, they datong then covered with small pieces of coal and then the paper was dqting with a match.

The following morning all the cold dead ashes had to be removed so that you could start all over again. HO the war years, especially Wilmot OH sex dating coal was rationed, many an ingenious way of ddating heat was used.

These used to supplement the coal ration. By getting a Wilmot OH sex dating bed of hot coal and then putting a log in the centre, it would then last us the rest of the day. Another thing was making good use of the slack in the coal. My mother used to get a bucket of slack Wilmot OH sex dating add some ordinary flour, then add some water and mix the lot up into a stiff paste. We then took handfuls and shaped them into round nuggets and left then datimg dry hard.

They burned beautifully with no waste. Riley, the coal merchant, used to sell coal direct from the coal wharf, which was at the bottom of Morville Street and Browning Street. The coal was brought to the wharf by canal barge, which ran at the back of the wharf. My mother Kiva Bawiti sex me that Mr. Riley was very strict about distribution of the rationed coal.

People would queue at the wharf Wilmot OH sex dating all manner of transport to carry the coal away with. Some would carry sacks, others would have barrows, prams, Wilmot OH sex dating, anything on wheels.

He would say that at least everyone had some coal for a fire. He also delivered coal around the area.